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The battle of the cheap drinks: The Font vs The Sphinx

Is your on-campus preference a matter of taste or intelligence?

When you're busy procrastinating on campus or fancy a proper cooked meal that is neither from a microwave nor consists of just pasta, you'll find yourself torn between the two student-budget friendly restaurants on campus. Here is a handy guide to help you make the smartest decision mainly for your stomach – not your bank account when you become a regular.


If you're a loyal customer to the Font, you could get a sudden feeling of disappointment when you look at the Sphinx's menu- you, a hungry and poor student, is used to flipping the Font's laminated crammed menu over to make your mind up on what to order, only for your friend to mention something that you hadn't considered ordering and the decision is even harder.

That said, the Sphinx offers sweet potato and halloumi fries. Your choice who wins this one, but sweet potato fries are indeed a godsend.


If you want to feel like you actually want to get something out of your £9k a year uni fees, buy the £2 Font card. This miracle key grants you access to 3 cocktails for a fiver, plus a meal deal served from 12-1pm where for £6 you can get any wrap or sandwich with a portion of chips – beats a hoisin duck wrap and crisps any day.

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You'd be more sad if you lost your Font card than if you lost your bank card, guaranteed


Both places are budget friendly, and offer small dishes for less than a fiver like a portion of chips. The Sphinx offers a beautiful plate of 20 chicken nuggets for £5.95, whereas the Font offers a range of sarnies, wraps, jacket potatoes, and sides for less than £5. Either way, both places cater for us poor students.


Fellow intellectuals understand a meal just isn't complete without mayo, and therefore the Font is defo the one. At the Font you're gifted with plenty to choose from – spicy, sweet, salty. At the Sphinx when you want to bless your chips with some nice sauces be prepared to stare in disbelief at the variety. At the Sphinx and wanting to add a kick to your burger with some Jalapeno mustard? Sorry, no can do pal.

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What on earth?

When the Sun Goes Down

To distract yourself from the stupid amount of procrastination you've been doing so far this semester, use your beloved £2 Font card and get 2 cocktails for a fiver. If you're craving a Pina Colada yet cant stand the idea of having to spend the usual fortune for such coconut goodness, fear not as the most expensive cocktails at the Font are only £4.50.

Buuut on Fridays, pints at the Sphinx are £1.60. Do you prefer to treat yourself weekly or daily?

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"Reading the cocktail menu list is more important than anything on your reading list" – Ancient proverb


Having your Sphinx burger handed to you in a diner-style red basket just makes the meal taste better. On top of that, the portions of coleslaw and chips on the side are bigger than the Font. But, if you're not in the mood to gain a stone then having that huge portion of rocket next to every meal at the Font will probably suit you better. If you only go to these places to make your Instagram look like you actually have an exciting life, the Sphinx is the place to be.


You know how in London you're never more than 6ft away from a rat? Well on campus you're never more than a 10 minute walk (probably more for slow-walkers, sorry) from a cooked meal that's not more pasta. Of course the restaurant with the best location depends on where you are, but in general the Sphinx will usually be closer to you than the Font. Both places get a first in proximity, so well done Liverpool.


The Sphinx may have a range of board games like Connect Four and Chess to distract you from your studies (as long as you remember your student card which we never do), but at the Font you can play Mario Kart, Mario Bros, and Fifa. Each to their own, but Mario Kart probably wins this one for all.

On the whole, both of these cheap options have reserved a special place in everyone's heart – but when you have to make a spontaneous decision on an empty stomach, use this to make your mind up.