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Breaking: Protestors are occupying the Eleanor Rathbone building during an Applicant Discovery Day

They claim to have ‘massively disrupted’ the event

After yesterday's peaceful occupation of the Vice Chancellor's private suite, the group known as Liverpool Students for Pensions are again occupying a building on campus. This time they are allegedly occupying the Eleanor Rathbone building, which is hosting today's Applicant Discovery Day.

In a series of tweets, the group – which operate autonomously, but in solidarity with striking lecturers – claim that they have occupied the building and "massively disrupted" the Discovery Day. You can see the tweets here:

When reporters for The Tab Liverpool arrived on the scene they were greeted with a large picket line presence and were denied entry to the building by university security staff. The group have also claimed on Twitter that all lectures in the building have been cancelled.

A student on the picket line, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Tab Liverpool that the students currently occupying the building were doing so, "to demand Janet Beer enters into today's negotiations meaningfully."

There will be more on this breaking news as it unfolds.