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Where to find the very best vegetarian and vegan hotspots in Liverpool

You’ve never had a McCooleys steak sandwich?

We all know a veggie or vegan, they are usually the brunt of all jokes and ridiculed because they can't eat Maccies nugs. It seems like a punishment to be restricted to a diet of vegetables, but little do people (meat eaters) know of the cool places around the city cooking up some amazing meat-free grub.

Love Thy Neighbour

Situated on Bold Street, why not take yourself down for some aesthetically pleasing food at Love thy Neighbour. They offer a wide range of delicious vegetarian and vegan food at all times of the day. Maybe cure that hangover with a smoothie or vegan breakfast?

Kazimier Gardens

A true hidden gem, Kazimier Gardens is one the most chill gaffs in the city, with outside seating and a log fire, why not escape your Uni work one night and try some of their amazing and fresh veggie goodness, all cooked in front of you.

The Merchant

Gin and a slice of pizza, what more could someone want? The Merchant is groovy little spot serving up some quality homemade pizza with loads of veggie and vegan toppings, it's hard to resist before a night out. Deffo worth a try!

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Down the Hatch

If veggie fast food is what you're after, need I say more, Down the Hatch is the one. They offer a cool mix of freshly made veggie and vegan meals inspired by junk food classics. Why not wow your meat eating mates with a jackfruit burger and fries?

The Egg Cafe

The OG v/vv gaff! The Egg serves a belta selection of veggie goodness and is the best place for lunch. Its sooo worth missing that afternoon seminar for, hummus over uni any day.

The Caledonia

Fancy a pint and something to eat after Uni? Well, The Caledonia is the place to head. They cook up some absolute classics and they're vegan!! You need to get down there for a burger or a hot dog!

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And there you have it, a low down of some of the best veggie and vegan eats in Liverpool. So before you ridicule your veggie flatmate again, maybe give some meat-free scran a try.