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Which sex position is your Liverpool university course?

Nobody wants to be missionary

Accounting and Finance – Splash the Cash

The obsession with money follows you to the bedroom, but if you're really shagging on top of money you should probably question your life. Also, what student actually has the means to do this?

Architecture – Stand and Deliver

Architecture students are obsessed with skyscrapers, what better sex position than one that allows them to pretend to be with their beloved Empire State Building.

Bioscience – Snow Angel

You may need to look this one up. Bioscience students can risk complicated positions because they know anatomy like the back of their hand. You know how to get maximum pleasure, all you need is two bodies and a bit of flexibility.

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Business Management – Anal

They make out they are pretty serious, but we all know they have a sordid side. Dirty tricks in the board room, dirty tricks in the bedroom.

Chemistry – Face Off

Chemistry doesn't always come naturally in the bedroom, but it should be no problem for chem students. Face Off is certainly… intimate.

Computer Science – Cuddling

They've never quite had the chance to do the real thing, it'll happen one day though.

Criminology – Bondage

Spending their days studying why people end up in handcuffs, and then ending up in handcuffs themselves at night. You've got to get your inspiration from somewhere, theirs just so happens to come from criminals.

Dentistry – Oral

Got to show off those pearly whites as much as they can.

Economics – Lap dance

You're all about power play, seeing your girl doing just what you want to impress you is what gets you going, no questions asked.

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English Literature – Reverse Cowgirl

English Lit students are trying their best to be edgy and different, but in reality they're not that special.

Evolutionary Anthropology – The Butter Churner

Never heard of it? Yeah, we had to google it too.

French – Arc de Triomph

If your girl can't accept you bringing famous French landmarks into the bedroom, she's the one missing out.

Geography – Shower Sex

Geographers care about the environment more than anything and one way to save water is to have communal showers. It's common sense really. Condoms aren't environmentally friendly either since you can't reuse them, take some risks. How strong is your pull out game?

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History – Heir to the Throne

You've spent the day studying royalty, and now your lad is treating you like the Queen you are. You just get to sit back on your throne and relax whilst your subject does all the work.

Law – Missionary

You've got your whole life planned out ahead of you. A law degree, mini pupillages, internships, junior partner, partner. There's no room for adventure nor bumps in the road, keep in simple, missionary is the way forward in your books.

Mathematics – 69

Combining numbers and sex? The dream.

Midwifery – Safe sex

They see enough babies as it is, they don't want anymore.

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Mechanical Engineering – Legs on shoulders

A heavily male dominated sex position for a heavily male dominated course.

Medicine – Dry humping

The life of a medic is non-stop. Between lectures, placement and reading copious amounts of textbooks there is certainly no time for sex. The odd dry humping session has to make do. Medics are put-together, passive creatures and can deal with a lot more than a bit of sexual frustration.

Music – Stairway to Heaven

Taking your inspiration from Led Zeppelin, stairs offer good seating possibilities and a hand rail for extra support, handy.

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Physiotherapy – Standing Up

All that time spent in the gym has got to be put to good use.

Philosophy – Spooning

Spooning is the obvious sex position for Philosophy students – what, with its slow rhythm and little eye contact, there's plenty of time for your mind to wonder and to contemplate the meaning of life and the universe.

Psychology – A lot of eye contact

Technically not a position, but a style nevertheless. Every Psychology student prides themselves on thinking they can figure out what's going on in someones mind, even though they are no better off than the rest of us. Solid eye contact allows them to read your inner thoughts whilst doing the dirty.

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Veterinary Science – Doggy style

Simply a classic. Everyone loves doggy style, including veterinary students. Of course they are used to spending a lot more time around our furry friends, so they pick up some habits along the way.

Zoology – The Frog

When you spend half your time learning about animals surely they influence every aspect of your life right? The frog is a fun twist on missionary, just slightly more animal based.