A list of things Liverpool students can do in their time off during strikes

Apart from just having a massive lie-in

In the upcoming weeks of the strikes, some students will optionally not cross the picket line in order to support our staff, others will simply not have a choice since many lectures have been cancelled. However, this doesn't mean we have nothing to do all this time, so it's now the opportunity to do something (sorta) productive so we don't look back in guilt.

See where the bus actually ends up

We often hop on the Arriva only as far as Smithdown and the city centre but have you ever wondered what's further along the line away from town? No we're not chatting the 699 to university halls, how about 86 to Garston and 75 to Halewood? I mean they don't have the best reps but hey, at least the latter is the home of the worst (or best) pres drink ever #lambriniforever

Go on nights out without worrying about your 9am

Never got jiggy with it at Juicy or bumped and grinded at Block Party? Well you won't have to be concerned with the next day's seminar at the moment, so you can enjoy all the vodka doubles your body can handle and fully devour that Harper's after without having to chuck it before the Delta arrives.

The only place to spend the money saved on MyTickets

Spring clean your house

Let's be real, most of us haven't seen our floor in what feels like centuries, and are forever too scared to dip our hands in the sink to recover our gone but not forgotten cutlery. We vowed after exams to sort out our shitholes, but there was always found an excuse or twenty, so get your rubber gloves on and duster out and ensure your room is a standard your mum would be proud of.

Discover some edgy places in Liverpool

Three years is never enough time to truly explore this vast city, but we can at least make a start. Give the Brookie a miss for once and try some cute cafes, from Caffee Oro just down the road to Bold Street favourites like Love Thy Neighbour. Also with all the free galleries and museums, you can finally feel more cultured after last night's Kardashian marathon.

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Visiting Costa del Merseyside

Or venture further to one of the beaches

Liverpool students often forget Antony Gormley's 'Another Place' in Crosby and the National Trust site of Formby are just a train ride away. Yeah there's a high chance of being showered on or swept away by the wind, but that's all part of the British seaside experience, right?

Actually do a big shop at Asda

Popping to Tesco Express every day for a meal deal and a million snacks never looks healthy on the bank account or the waistline. Finally you can budget and complete a full shop to save yourself from living off pizza and Creme Eggs (I promise it's a positive).

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Font breakfasts are always a shout

Get day drunk in Spoons

2 for £12 pitchers are on me lads.

Actually do some work

Shocker, I know. Make the most of that £9000 we're concerned about wasting by logging into Vital once or twice. At least it lessens the chances of the exam season SJ breakdown in the summer.

Unfortunately this doesn't quite count