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A 10 Minute Guide to a last-minute going out makeover

When you’re finally convinced to go to Concert Square last minute

So you’ve decided that your current assignment can be pushed back another day and tomorrow mornings lecture can probably go amiss, therefore it’s time you venture out and hit the town. There’s only one problem, the Uber is due to arrive in about 10 minutes, everyone’s already pre’d for a couple of hours and you’re still stood in the kitchen with trackies and a bare face.

We’ve all put ourselves through the next challenging 10 minutes of our social lives, but here are some time-saving, life-changing tips on how to perfectly prepare yourself for the night that lies ahead!

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Two absolute vital things you must do before you even think about changing clothes or putting any make-up on is to turn on some of your favourite music; whether it’s MK, Arctic Monkeys or a lil bit of Britney – you need to get into the groove of the night.

Have a drink (on the slightly stronger side – you’ve got catching up to do) and take a large glug every time you hear the chorus of a song or when the track changes, this will make sure you don’t leave the vodka lemonade abandoned on the side in the midst of your chaotic makeover.

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Depending on how high-maintenance you are with your appearance will differ on how challenging these 10 minutes will be for you. If you’re carefree on your looks and am ready to tackle the night from the get-go, you’ll most definitely find these 10 minutes a stroll in the park.

A risk some of us may feel integral to take is fake tan; Have a naturally beautiful skin tone or simply don’t give a damn? Skip this step. Dreadfully washed-out and need a California glow in two minutes? Then make sure that whatever tan you apply whether it be mousse, spray or lotion; you use a mitt (a clean sock can work if times are getting really tough) and squeeze some moisturiser onto the mitt alongside the tan, as this will make the application more quick, malleable and stops any clinging to dry patches on the skin!

Your outfit is the most significant choice to make here – keep it simple and make sure it’s something you feel 100 per cent comfortable in, now is not the time for any risqué clothes you’ve kept the label on in deliberation that you might take it back to Urban Outfitters. When it comes to accessories you’re not really a uni student until you own a pair of hoops, so chuck ‘em on as well for the heck of it.

Next up is fixing up the face – simplicity is the easiest option here, so save the attempt to try that cut-crease glitter make up tutorial you found on Instagram for now. False eyelashes? Forget it, those alone take up too much time and tears as it is. By this point you've probably finished your drink as well, so scream out to friend for help to bring you another! Blend the foundation, apply some blinding highlighter and whack on the mascara.

Even the lord can wait for your eyebrows to be perfected, so take your time with this one.

Put the straighteners and curlers away, there’s simply no time to lose! Quick hairstyles: the half-up, half-down style, it's quick and adds a bit of volume; a messy low bun or sleek centre-parted ponytail. One of these will surely work in your favour if you’re aren’t pleased with it's current state!

So the appearance should finally sorted by now – only thing left is to do is grab your keys, wallet, phone and down the rest of your drink before you head off in the Uber