Lecturers on strike? How to throw a party in your lecture hall

While the cat’s away the mice will drink tequila

So it looks like our finals are getting cancelled, our coursework isn’t going to get marked and our lecturers aren’t holding lectures. Regardless of your opinions on the matter, I for one think that we’ve had just about enough political chaos for one year. How about we all just get bladdered and forget the whole thing hey?

Make decorations

Make good use out of those dissertations and turn them into bunting. You’d be surprised how many paper chains you can make out of 10,000 words.

Snacks – line those stomachs

Take a trip to Tesco and clean out the meal deal section. The last thing you want is your guests going hungry and chucking up all over the lecture theatre. But for the love of god, leave the egg and cress behind.


We all knew that one guy in first year who believed he was destined for Ibiza. Give a fresher the chance of his life and hook up his Crown Place decks to the speaker system.

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BYOB (unless we get a refund for these lecturers, then drinks on me). Clear out the vending machines for mixer and you got yourself a partay!

Receiving a 2:1 in ‘The Sesh’

Draft and engineering student to hook up the water fountain to a keg

Is it possible? Probably not. But hey let’s give it a go, because learning is why we’re here!

After a few, maybe take up the post yourself

After one too many sambucas, how about you take up the position as lecturer yourself and let everyone know just how upset you are about Brexit? While you’re at it, why not lead a debate about how Jeremy Corbyn’s going to take over the world and whether or not we should let first years take up seats in the SJ?

Joe’s got the right idea

And if after all this you haven’t been caught by on-site staff, join a picket line and spread some love! Bring the party to the people.