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How to take on the spring fashion essentials in Liverpool

A guide to looking fly through semester three

So slowly but surely the British weather is getting warmer, meaning a walk through campus in daylight is becoming a reality once again. As the seasons change, it calls for a necessary wardrobe renovation, meaning it is time to allow the spring essentials to slip right into your style.


Every student is in need of a fresh pair of kicks when spring comes around, from New Balance to Nike, it is time to get rid of your same-old-black-Vans, and keep your eye out for a bright coloured shoe that can be rocked in both a lecture, or when you’re hitting up Concert Square on a Saturday night. Plus, if the shoes prove to have more than one purpose, you’ll definitely feel less guilty about buying them!

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Stripes, stripes and more stripes! There is no better look than a classic stripy-tee tucked into a pair of skinny jeans with some matching trainers. The outfit is ideal for uni life; casual enough for your 9am, but can simultaneously be worn for the night out that will inevitably follow.

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Colourful shirts

With regards to spring, the only obvious instruction is- the brighter the better, and what better way to showcase colour than a funky patterned shirt! Either buttoned up smart for a few classy cocktails on the Docks, or casually thrown over a white t-shirt, shirts are an ideal way to bring contrast to any wardrobe. Patterns, dots and stripes will certainly turn heads in your seminars, and will never fail to look groovy on a Saturday night. A good collection of shirts can't hurt anyone, so stock up for spring to secure a stylish strut round campus.

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Light-weight coats

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because we all know that no matter what point of the year it is, the British climate is certainly not tropical, so a lightweight coat is ideal for the transitioning between seasons. Thinking along the lines of denim or Harrington style jackets, these classic but reliable looks will prove suitable for all occasions.


Last but not least, trousers. Jeans are a great, versatile match for almost any outfit, therefore it’s easy to find a style you like and rock them. As the weather picks up however, jeans can be a little heavy, the answer to this my friend is chinos. Yes, they are generally sported by middle-aged, male lecturers, but why not bring the style back this semester and grab yourself a green or blue pair? Turned up at the ankles with a funky pair of socks on show and your New Balance sneaks, we have a match made in heaven. (If your feeling extra extra, why not venture into the world of check, nothing better than a statement check matched with a plain T-Shirt.)

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So there you have it, a guide to get you ready for spring with a brand new wardrobe, you'll be able to look fly whilst enjoying the city sun… through the library window.