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Liverpool has been voted the seventh hardest partying university in the UK

Work hard, sesh harder

Finally you can shut your mates up in Bristol and Manchester who claim they're winning at the clubbing scene, as Liverpool has beaten them by claiming 7th place in a countdown by The University Paper.

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Liverpool ladies know how to paint the town red

Other universities we have unashamedly come ahead of include Cardiff and Sheffield, so although our place in the Russell Group is unfairly doubted, at least our nights out cannot receive the same criticism.

The top three is comprised of Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow respectively, however they don't have Raz Mondays, so are they really winning?

Don't forget to live it up in Mathew Street too

Either way, let's use this as an excuse to get down to Concert Square and have a wild one in all the free entry clubs The University Paper has acclaimed. Not that we need an excuse, the sesh life chose us.