The results are in: Who is Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor?

You’re gonna like this one

You decided, and you have chosen your winner. So here he is, The Tab Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette:

Tom Willet, second year, English and Politics

Tom pipped Oli to the post with 55 per cent  of your votes this year. Here’s what he the king himself had to say: “I knew I was going to win, no competition between me and Oli really was there?

“Jokes aside, thanks to my flatmates who were absolutely determined to make this happen. How does it feel? I feel a bit apprehensive as now I’m going to be mobbed by single girls walking around campus every day. I’ll be celebrating at quids in… where else?”

And do you have a date for tonight yet?

“No, why? Are you trying to flirt with Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor…?”

Watch out ladies of Concert Square. Casanova is reborn.

“If there’s anything better than a creative man, it’s a creative man with pizza.”

Congratulations, Tom and happy Valentine’s Day!