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People in Liverpool are the most likely to get laid this Valentine’s Day

Maybe it’s actually worth going Level Wednesdays

Time to reconnect with those Tinder booty calls, as a Superdrug survey has shown that Liverpool is the most popular place for couples to have sex.

It seems the midweek Valentine's celebration and the crap weather hasn't dampened the sexual appetites of the city; even if you've not got someone to share the love (or lust) with, at least there's still plenty of options for singletons to enjoy the day too.

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We'll take one of these two please x

With 88 per cent of couples getting between the sheets, this figure beats the likes of Cambridge on 87 per cent and York on 86 per cent. Bad news for your mates in Aberdeen and Durham, with only 37 per cent and 47 per cent woohooing this Wednesday.

The survey, which interviewed 2000 people, also revealed the subtle signs for sex they appreciated, from facial expressions (31 per cent) to emojis (7 per cent). Aubergine anyone?

Time to clean up your scruffy Smithdown room and get some action before tomorrow's 9am then.