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How to style your Galentine’s night out

Ca Va awaits the stylish strut of your stilettos

So it has reached that time of year again, the annual ritual of remove all makeup, roll up in a duvet and lament about your sad single self, but this time it does not have to be like this. To all those dateless students out there, there is definitely a way to combat the stress of yet another single V-day, consisting of merely the company of your single sista's, some stylish get-up's and a bottle of tequila.


There is no better way to catch someones eye than with a subtle shimmer. Of course sparkly eyes will never be unwelcome with regards to a night out, however they are a vital part of standing out for this gals night. Paired with (of course) a dash of highlighter, you need to ensure that both you and your girls capture a dazzling look for the night. Shine bright like a diamond.

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Classic red lipstick

Sleek but sexy, red lipstick will never let you down and enables you the aiblity to embody every enhancing quality of a woman in one go. Whether you're out to find your prince charming, or sticking to your let's-stay-single-forever pact, red lips will work in your favour to both draw in the ones you want, and ward off unwanted guests. So whether you're a usual red-lippy girl or not, what better time to introduce the marvelous creation into your Galentine makeup regime?

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Stylish stilettos

There is no better way to keep an outfit on top (literally), than with a pair of fancy heels. Though they are the work of the devil when it comes to walking, stiletto's are your best bet when it comes to enhancing your elegance. Get your squad in on the sky-scraper action and you long ladies will look as fierce as the VS fashion show. Not only will you literally stand out, but you will become also a focal piece as soon as you strut the streets, and Liverpool town won't know what hit it, (apart from when your ankle goes.)

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Dress to impress (or depress)

Down to the nitty gritty stuff now, what to actually wear. The idea of Galentine's is to spend the sacred evening with the girls that carry you through your dips of self doubt, and can drink you to the floor in less than ten minutes. So really, your outfit on this evening is a showcase to all the fella's of what they could have had, because tonight you girls have only gotta impress eachother. Take all lengths to look as good as a class-A girl group, and if you don't end up dad dancing on the bar of Coyote Ugly, you've done something wrong.

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Matchy matchy

Finally, make sure your squad's outfits are congruent. Stick to a style dress code so your pack can own the streets of Liverpool on this special night. How else are you going to show off to the world that these are your sister's-from-another-mister's?

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So there we have it, a stylish scheme to ensure you don't dwell on your single V-day blues. What better way to spend it than with your gals, after all; these shoes on my feet I bought 'em.