The best places in Liverpool for vintage fashion finds

A definite guide to Liverpool’s trendiest outlets

Love it or loathe it, vintage fashion has made a huge come back in the last few years. Everyone has their own opinions of vintage clothing, and here in Liverpool it proves to be more popular than ever. Purchasing vintage clothing is a fab way to expose your unique style (without spending a fortune), meaning it is perfect for all the struggling students out there.

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With stores all over the UK, COW opened its Liverpool shop in November 2016. The brand describes itself as an 'affordable vintage clothing and accessories', offering Liverpool the chance to discover its one-off, handmade and classic vintage items at reasonable prices. There's nothing a student loves more than a bargain and the chance to look fly af at their lecture.

Pop Boutique

Pop Boutique is a compilation of new, old and recycled fashion available to buy off the shelves of its Bold Street store. The store, labelling itself as a 'must for any retroholic visiting the city', sells its products in several stores in the UK and offers vintage lovers a real mix of items, enough to brighten any wardrobe. With both mainstream and indie styles up for grabs, Pop Boutique is the perfect place to doll yourself up for both a Saturday night in Concert Sq. and the 9am lecture following it.


As well as selling a large range of new clothing, the Liverpool store originally was based in Quiggins but is now situated on Bold St. Resurrection is committed to stocking a large collection of vintage clothing, coats and other items. A fantastic way for people to look past their ideas of vintage and see what amazing bargains can be found.

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Soho offers shoppers a range of vintage fashion from several decades. This fab little get-up allows shoppers to buy specifically for the era they're after. The wide range of various styles makes Soho a fashion lover's dream, allowing people to enter new styles that they previously would not have. So why not take a venture and give your style a bit of a change up, it's not a phase mom…

Charity shops

Believe it or not some of the best vintage items can be found in the charity shops in Liverpool. With the choice of an Oxfam, a British Heart Foundation and many more, you could procrastinate many an essay traipsing up and down Bold Street. The racks are endlessly filled with a variety of fashion items to suit different styles, meaning there will also be something to fall in love with. What are overdrafts for hey?

So there we have it, a range of shops selling a variety of fashionable items, from classic Dr Marten boots to vibrant Afghan coats. What better way to give your style a brush up than to do it on the cheap, meaning you'll have more pockets to fill with guilt-free reciepts.