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Poll: The battle of the Concert Square takeaways

Surely Nabzys has got this one?

Picture the scene, you stumble out of Level in the early hours of a Thursday morning, there's only one thing on your mind – food. You gather your friends, somehow you've not all lost each other in the maze that is Concert Square, it's time for some cheesy chips. But where are you going? Nabzy's? Harpers pizza? Fear not, the Tab Liverpool is here to help you make that decision and avoid the inevitable fall outs that occur when you and your mates just can't agree.

Harpers Pizza

Harpers Pizza, found on the corner of Slater Street and Fleet Street is an absolute classic. It's just a short stumble across Fleet Street from the Shipping Forecast, and is right next to Baa Bar and Black Rabbit making it ideal if you've got mates who seem to wander off at any given opportunity. If Harpers is your choice gone are the nights of phone calls to mates wondering how you lost each other, only to find they bumped into someone they knew and are already in a taxi home.

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Krunchy Fried Chicken

The OG KFC, Krunchy Fried Chicken, is at the top of Wood Street, opposite Bombed Out Church. Sure this makes it more of a walk away from Concert Square, but that walk is worth it. If you adopt the age old tradition of meeting at Bombed Out Church to get your uber, you will walk past it anyway. Krunchy Fried Chicken is arguably, along with Nabzy's, Liverpool students' favourite post-night out takeaway. It even has a food hygiene rating of 5!

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We've all been to Cuoco, but nobody ever knows it's name. Cuoco is opposite Harpers Pizza on Slater Street, and as result it's commonly referred to as "that place opposite Harpers". Cuoco's location means it's vying for competition with Harpers, and as result you'll likely just end up going to whichever looks less busy through your blurry beer goggles. Just like Harpers, its location is ideal so it's not too stressful trying to get your mates out of Baa Bar and into Cuoco.

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Cannot wait for the chicken


Nabzy's might not be ideally located, up on Leece Street past the Bombed Out Church, but the food is worth the trek. It might require a bit more coordination with your mates, it might mean it is more difficult to get a taxi home because all the black cabs have flooded into Concert Square, but some chicken from Nabzy's will never let you down – even if this comes at the price of leaving your friends that you couldn't find when you left Heebies.

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Hot N' Tender

Next door to Nabzy's is another great takeaway, Hot N' Tender. Again, it is a bit of a trek from Concert Square, but Hot N' Tender is a good enough pick – especially if Nabzy's is looking too busy.

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Chicken Bazooka

Chicken Bazooka is at the bottom of Brownlow Hill, making it an ideal pit-stop on your trek back up to your first year on-campus accommodation. Believe me though, once you move off campus you'll never visit it again.

Pizza King

The self-proclaimed kings of pizza can be found on Berry Street, only a very short stumble away from the Raz. Many people do claim Pizza King is the best pizza they have ever had, but might that just be the Fat Frogs and Raz Bombs talking ?

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Gemini is even further up Leece Street than Nabzy's and Hot N' Tender, which means it's much less popular. However, whilst Gemini is probably too much of a trek from Concert Square, if you've been to Legion or Hannah's Bar it's a definite option.

Mr Kebab

Located next door to Faculty on Slater Street, Mr Kebab is in prime position to be your early morning takeaway of choice. You have got to feel sorry for the proprietors, imagine living next door to Faculty!