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Campus fashion trends that need to be left in first semester

New year, new spree


When it comes to bringing in the new year, there are certain fashion fads that we should not bring with us. Despite 2017 welcoming the fabulous return of the 70's style with the comeback of flares, scrunchies and colourful eyemakeup, there are definitely particular styles, previously sported on campus, that we could all do with being left in first semester. Although they seemed like a cool, statment idea at the time, in hindsight it can be argued it is probably best to update the wardrobe, and what better time to do so than at the start of the new year!

Socks 'n' Sliders

Please can we all agree that this particular style of footwear was never supposed to become as popular as it did. The shoe, intended merely to pop the washing on the line or take the bins out, somehow managed to delve into mainstream culture, and even emerged onto the sorry streets of campus. As though this wasn't offensive enough, they were even suitible for any weather, come rain or shine, all you had to do was pop on a pair of white ankle socks, (making sure they had a black stripe at the top of course).

Corset Belts

As though someone has got dressed in the dark, half alseep and accidently forgot the order of clothing, these corset belts look like they should remian under clothes, invisible to the eye. To take the next step let's just leave these in 2017 and start 2018 afresh, meaning gals you can now breathe in your lectures.


They say our generation is capable of achieving anything, well in 2017 we proved them right by managing to turn a delicate necklace into a dog collar. Voted the most over-worn piece of jewellery of the year, the choker established itself a place on the neck of every female in Liverpool, whether that be to hit Concert Square or your 9am the following morning. But considering your tutor probably recognises your choker collection more than you, it may be time to pop them back in the box.

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Alongside chokers, it may well be possible that every female in Liverpool also owned a pair of fishnet tights. So much so, going on a night out to concert square in anything but fishnets, made you question whether you missed the Pretty Woman memo. So let's bring some versatility back to the streets of Liverpool and leave the fishnets in a different district.

Over-lined lips

So we managed to traverse phase of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge in 2015, now it is time to leave behind the over-lining of lips 2K17. Alongside the blow up of enthusiasm towards lip fillers, lip-liner has taken over 70% of the facial area with regards to amount of makeup we wear. But really, it's not a good look; firstly it's very obvious that your lips do not start where your neck stops, and secondly, the government doesn't fund us enough to purchase that much lippy.

Rose gold

Last but not least, rose gold. The colour that took over everything, from jewellery to phone cases, nail art to interior decor, it won't be soon before students can actually born into a rose-gold league of ethnicity. If that is not enough of a reason to bring this fad to a halt, then you better get used to a monochrome future.

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There we have it, the most overused fashion fads of 2017. As students we ought to explore our fashionista alter-ego's on campus, so let 2018 be a new year, and let this semester be stylish.