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Liverpool club stories with happy endings to brighten up your day

Miracles on Seel Street

It seems as though your favourite stories from university so far are the ones about nights out that end with someone losing their dignity/ID. But, what about the hilarious stories that don't end up with the only response being "it's okay, they won't remember who you are next time"? You probably won't tell your family these ones, but they'll definitely put a smile on your face.

The Baa Bar Miracle

Picture this: You're in Baa Bar downstairs, attempting to sway to the music because how are you meant to dance to this noise, and you see a bloke with a bright orange beanie going round groups of people holding something up to them. When he gets to your group, it's someone's ID- your ID. What do you do? Hug them and cry a bit. Fit orange beanie guy that gave someone their ID, you are a hero.

Being a Gentleman Pays Off

Haydn, 24, is proof that good karma exists, specifically in Spoons.

"I helped out a guy buying a drink because he lost his card. The manager refused to take my money and thanked me for being a gentleman. The guy then comes back with money and ends up buying me the drink!"

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Exposing Someone's True Colours

When you get with a proper fit lad in the Raz (where else) and he checks the time on his phone and you see a girl as his lock screen, you're obviously going to think he's a twat if you have any morals. "Oh! No, that's my sister" he says, so you keep going. Only, a few months later he gets engaged to his so-called "sister", so you being a lovely kind-hearted person you inform this girl of his grim behaviour. You warned her, which is the happy ending, but she ends up blocking you because love is blind. Yikes.

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Ben is that you!?

Passport Boomerang

One lass that is somehow both unlucky yet incredibly lucky managed to lose her passport on a night out in Manchester. Thankfully she got it back a month later, so she celebrated by going out in Liverpool with her passport and somehow lost it yet again- and shockingly it was handed in again. I guess learning from mistakes is optional.

Cleaners Save More Lives than Doctors

Dulcie, 18, survived our worst fears in Buyers Club when her mate forgot her purse on the table when they left. When they called in expecting the worst, the cleaner said they found it on the table after closing time. The purse was left exactly how it was when they left. Miracle.

Siri Saves the Day

The only time you can laugh about losing your phone is if it was literally at LOST (haha sorry). To make the usual yet miraculous story of losing and phone and it being handed in even snazzier, a member of staff found the phone and used Siri to call her mum who told her friend the phones ready to be collected. Thank fuck you were available and were connected to the internet.

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"Fuck off Siri" – Ancient Proverb

The Mythical Baa Bar Cupid

Imagine the power you have over two peoples' lives because its all thanks to you that they met the love of their lives. This is a reality for Alice, 19, who set a couple up and they stayed together for two years. To top this off, he proposed to her actually in Baa Bar. If only Baa Bar gave them free drinks to celebrate- this would be the greatest fairy tale of all time.

Northerners are Nicer Than Southerners. Scientifically Proven.

Your drunken love for your friends explodes when they hold your hair as you're being sick. This love doesn't necessarily have to be for people you know as one Scouse lass learnt on Bold Street. As she was being sick, a homeless guy held her hair for her- would southerners do that? No.

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Fussy Pick-Pockets

Everyone's worst nightmare- your purse vanishes with cash, cards, and keys inside and you're fucked without them. You accept fate assuming its been stolen and hope the twat that grabbed it will enjoy your contact-less card with £4.00 to your name. But, the unlucky optimistic soul who experienced this heart attack phoned INK and they'd found it with only a tenner missing from the purse filled with cards in it. What a lovely sweet mugger, God bless.

Ambulance or Magic Carpet?

Obviously this story comes from the most Scouse girl ever.

Liv, 18, was somehow paralytic one night and cleverly managed to cut her foot open and lost all her friends. In her lowest point in life (please note shes also the one that had a homeless guy hold her hair when being sick), someone lovingly called an ambulance for her. The ambulance drove past her friends that were searching for her, and alas they were reunited and lived happily ever after.

If you wake up like this, you're going to make a good grandparent.

Vomit is the Secret to Love

Ciara, 19, actually puked in someone's mouth as they were getting with each other in Krazyhouse (this surprisingly wasn't during freshers). The victim ran off swearing but actually added Ciara on Snapchat the next day. They've been talking for about a month now- if you wanna pull, simply vom in their mouth! #lifehack

If you've experienced any of these, it's safe to say you probably cradle your ID/purse/passport/foot/phone regularly and feel blessed. If you haven't, then you're living a boring life.