Merseyside Police are investigating the Labour Society’s tweet implying the Queen should be executed

The Labour Society tweeted to celebrate ‘Regicide Day’

Yesterday, the University of Liverpool Labour Society tweeted to celebrate ‘Regicide Day’, which refers to the execution of monarch Charles I 369 years ago. This tweet insinuated that they wanted the Queen to be executed, shortly followed by ‘We did it once, we can do it again.’

The society have since deleted the tweet, but many people took screenshots of it.

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Police are now investigating the Twitter account – @UoLLabStudents – as they have received a number of reports and complaints about the tweet regarding regicide.

Merseyside Police tweeted yesterday that the matter is currently being looked into further.

The tweet from Merseyside Police received mixed responses. Understandably, many people were shocked and appalled by the Labour Society’s tweet and wanted action to be taken against them.

However, other users felt that launching an investigation surrounding the tweet would be a waste of police time, especially due to police budget cuts, and the lack of the power the Society holds.

Yesterday the society went on to tweet an apology for any offence caused, claiming the comment to be “tongue and cheek”.

The Tab have reached out to the University of Liverpool Labour Society for a comment, but they are yet to respond.