Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat three

It’s time to choose your final contestant…


Last but by no means least, here are your final few crème of the crop. Who goes to the final round? You decide.

Abbie, 2nd year, Maths

Pythagoras just got a whole lot sexier. Abbie isn’t a tricky girl to track down. If she’s not on the sofa with her pooch or solving equations she’s no doubt in Concert Square with the gals, sipping on ‘secco and G&Ts. Her favourite colour is pink and we’re simply mad for her…

“Abbie is one of a kind Brummy gal and she makes a mean cuppa to so she’s obvs a keeper” – Reliable Source.

Anna Tildsley, 2nd year, Maths

Anna is just the kind of wild party animal we all need going into 2018. All the boys want her and the girls want to be here. A self-proclaimed dancer (she’s pretty flexible) and animal crossing addict, Anna loves nothing more than a movie and a cup of team. The math has never been so simple! Anna = Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette!

“For Anna it’s go hard or go home” – Nominator

Ellie Rouget, 3rd year, Geography

Ellie is quickly plotting a map to our hearts and we can’t wait to get lost in those eyes! This ‘partay animal’ is the life and soul of any event she graces. Her edgy style and chipper grin makes for a winning combination and she’s got the brains to match. Modesty, kindness, spontaneity and fun – that’s how we would sum up this jem!

“The biggest name to wander the SJ corridors in the history of the uni” – Countless witnesses

Layla Al-Azawe, 2nd year, Business Management

Want a girl who can neck a pint faster than you? Layla is your queen. Catch her every Friday in the Sphinx making the most of the cheap pints, prepping for the sesh. Her favourite colour is ‘WKD blue’ to match her fave bev. Her fun fact is that she is half Arabic, half Irish and friends have confirmed that her cheesy motivational quotes and infectious personality are sure to bring smiles to your face.

“Anyway someone take her on a date she’s so single it hurts.” – the same ‘friends’

Vote for your favourite and keep an eye out for the finals!