Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat two

Once, twice, three times a lady….

Roll out the red carpet and get ready to get blown away by the beautiful ladies we’ve got lined up!

Billie Portsmouth, 2nd year, Geography

Oh Billie you’re so fine. You’re so damn fine you blow my mind… oh Billie. A socialite at heart, Billie is always game for a good night out and will always manage to win best dressed. ‘Any guy would kill for this girl’ suggest reliable sources, and boy can we believe it. She can map the way to your heart in a second, stealing glances all the way from L1 to Timbuctoo.

Libby Bradley, 2nd year, Business Management

Despite being a neat freak, there’s nothing that Libby loves more than a messy night on the town with the gals. When she’s not cuddling up with her dog, she’s knocking back the prosecco (or G&Ts if they’re going). Her favourite colours are grey and yellow and I think we can all agree she’s an all-round stunner. Let’s give it up for the lovely Libby.

Molly McBrown, 3rd year, English & German

Molly is a stone cold fox. When she’s not boogying the night away or chowing down on some classic McNuggets, Molly enjoys tackling German women to the floor in one of her many rugby games in Frankfurt. Although her year abroad is taking her far afield, there’s nothing like a bottle of Brini to make a girl feel at home. Legs for days and a smile that scream ‘take me to bed’, Molly makes any German sentence sound sexy. Gorgeous.

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