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What your Liverpool campus lunch really says about you

We’re rating the food you’re bringing to the SJ

Whether you're preparing for a day of scouring for a seat in the library or rolling up to seminars you've done zero preparation for, your mind is obviously gonna be on what will fuel you through it all after you've missed breakfast from snoozing too many alarms. There's plenty of options scattered around the grounds of UoL, so making the decision on where to get your scran from is key.

Tesco meal deal

Baby you're so classic, you stick with a chicken and bacon sandwich, a Naked smoothie (it's best value in the deal) and a packet of Walkers. You're not one for stepping out your comfort zone, so it's hard to find you beyond Level on a Wednesday, but you've still got it all together with solid grades and a solid group of mates.

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Meal deals are love, meal deals are life

KFC Myrtle Street

The last time you picked up your wok is when you chose it in Ikea; you're a complete novice when it comes to cooking, so filling up on a fillet burger saves you from humiliating yourself in your halls kitchen. Most your student loan goes towards eating out, but hey, it's not that much more than you'd be spending in Co-op.

Guild burrito

You're completely full of flavour. You've got that work-fun balance down to a T, as you can be at 24 Kitchen Street one night but make it to your 10am the next day. There's no hidden extras with you, like places that actually charge for guac. You'll defo be the peacemaker when everyone's arguing as you're just so damn easy to get along with. Keeping it real there.

Anything else from the Guild

Are you too scared to move on from your school canteen days? We're worried.

Starbucks/Caffe Nero/Costa

You just wanna flaunt what you've got, and a pumpkin-spiced latte paired with a panini is the best way to do that. You'd be nothing without daddy's money and your Fiat 500 back home. You'd defo feel lost if you didn't look prim for lectures, as it's clearly the best place to showcase your ASOS-filled wardrobe.

Clearly for the aesthetics


You go to Subway because it's the 'healthy' option, but you still smother your sub in chipotle mayo, which is as daft as the fact you bought a gym membership but only went twice.


You're as northern as they get, and if you haven't told anyone in the last five minutes, you're defo feeling uncomfortable. The only time you've truly been speechless is when your southern housemate didn't know what a yum-yum is. However, you're also the reason there's never any sausage rolls left, so you're not quite as loved as you make yourself out to be.

Two jumbo sausage rolls for a quid?

Oven Door

Like the food, you're a little greasy and not a classically 'cool' student, but you know what's best value for money, and you're into that no-frills lifestyle. You won't be the one annoyed when it's raining on a night-out or when one girl gets way too drunk and spoils the evening for everyone else; as long as you stop for a takeaway on the way home, you're safe.

Packed lunch

You're super organised and want everyone to know it. You budget perfectly for your Asda shop and post immaculately laid-out revision notes on Snapchat every night. You may insist to your mates that you 'didn't put that much effort' into your exam, but the first in your results proves otherwise.

Your organisation puts us all to shame x