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New Years’ Resolutions Every Liverpool Student Needs To Make

New Year, New Me *Yawn*

As we enter 2018 exam pressures are looming, so you probably haven't had a chance to think about your new years resolutions yet and are at a dangerous risk of breaking them before you have even made them. Have no fear, we have comprised a comprehensive list of all the new years resolutions every Liverpool student needs to make.

Become a devout attendee to Raz Mondays

Curiosity should've finally led you by now to this so-called "crazy" place, and you're therefore not alone with planning the next Mondays ahead and which items of clothing your willing to lose to Fat Frogs and Raz Bombs from now on. Just make sure you have a designated pair of 'Raz shoes', it's not worth ruining your best trainers every Monday night.

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Nothing can get in the way of our love for the Raz

Maybe aim to go to a few more lectures

Yeah Juicy Tuesdays are fun and all, but ever made it to your 9am on Wednesday not hungover and about to vom everywhere? Neither.

No surprise that Liverpool is amongst the worst unis for skipping lectures, us Liverpool students miss an average of three lectures monthly so statistically speaking this isn't an unrealistic resolution for every student at this university.

Don’t have any faith in Arriva

This year is about realising which battles can be won and which battles you should just accept are going to keep fucking you over, namely those battles with Arriva. Why buy the bus pass when you'll only be on a bus a few times a week? Plus even if you're at the bus stop on time for lectures, chances are you'll still be late when the bus drives past because it's already full. Simple and easy to keep to.

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Jump on the Bongos Bingo hype

Somehow a game that's usually suited for older people looks like fun and is a place to get drunk and end up dancing on the tables – a temptation that surely won't take long to give into.

Stop splashing the cash in Asda in Smithdown

Yes, the Smithdown Asda may be 24 hour, and yes it's better value than the ordering online from Tesco like you naively did in first year, but daily trips to Asda still make a heavy dent in your bank account. It’s not hard to save some money by crossing the road to Aldi and going to the miraculous home of 75p pesto you know.

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Be productive in your library sessions

No, eating your £3 Tesco meal deal doesn’t count as being productive. Forget the group study areas where you just waste hours chatting to your mates, head up to the silent study and actually focus for a change. It's amazing how much work you can get done when you're not distracted by your mates, you might actually pass those exams after all.

Be happier

So basically, just look at your bank account less.

Consider going to Heebies less

'Quids In' is all fun and games until you spend way more than a quid and wonder if you need a job to afford your next meal. It might mean you actually go to your Friday 9am as well. That said, Heebies is great so maybe ignore this one.

Stop procrastinating by reading Tab articles

Although knowing what percent northern you are from your Greggs order is actually quite interesting and a necessity, sadly this is raising the views and shares in other unis' Tab pages. Procrastinate only on this page, cheers.

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Buy a font card for £2

You may be poor and this card will probably make you spend more money than needed but getting 3 cocktails for a fiver will vastly improve your mood and therefore your 2018 will be better, 100% scientifically proven.

Try to join a society this time?

You couldn’t breathe in Freshers' Fair, but shrugging it off and simply saying "meh, I’ll just join the societies on Facebook" only lead to never going to the socials or paying the term fee to join. If you actually manage to join a society and stick to it this year then the Tab salutes you.

A dream for many lazy souls

So, as long as your anger towards Arriva continues, you keep reading these Tab articles, and save money from Asda just to spend it in the Font, you're guaranteed to have a magestical year.