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Everything you’ll look forward to coming back to Liverpool after the Christmas break

The Home Counties just weren’t cutting it

It's been a fair few weeks since you journeyed from Kenny to Kent. You've been cuddling your dog for 95% of the Christmas holidays and pretended your four exams in mid-January were an early April Fools joke. A feeling of uni homesickness will be inevitable, however, and you'll realise how good you really have it in your Smithdown shithole.

No more Arriva bus strikes

The bane of first semester, you can forget about writing endless email demanding you're slightly reimbursed for the £375 spent on your bus pass; a deal has been reached and your trip from Carni to Cypress won't involve calling a cab. More money for those after exams nights-out, hurrah.

Bring back our love-hate relationship with Arriva

The 86

When your parents are refusing to drop you off at Spoons again and the bus service in your area ends at 8pm, you'll be super glad to have Stagecoach as your chauffeur after those nights in The Raz you've been craving at home. You'll even think you're winning when you can get off just opposite Chesters, despite vowing that you'd be cutting out the cheesy chips. No shame.

The Sydney Jones

All of semester one you grumbled about rarely finding a spot after 10am and first years clearly getting in the way of your dissertation, but when you've got two cats to pamper and your mum tempting you to watch a Come Dine With Me omnibus at home, you can kiss goodbye to your six hours a day revision schedule. You'll be feeling blessed when your only distraction in the SJ is the Starbucks coffee machine.

Time to stock up on more make-your-own pizzas

Smithdown Asda

Nobody wants to trek to their local Londis just to find out it's already closed. Your midnight feast needs are constantly (well, except on Sunday) supplied by our fave supermarket, in a pleasant walking distance from most student houses, rather than miles down country lanes.

Halls never felt so good

Your housemates

Yes, Emma may have always pissed you off with her course pre-drinks and stealing your shower gel too often, but is it as bad as being expected to look after your little sister all the time? You'll be happy to be finally chatting about topics you can relate to, rather than your dad talking about his thinning hair for the 42nd time in one day.

All the events and clubs the city has to offer

In your hometown you probably have to settle for a Yates' or a club with a tragic name like Liquid or Vibe; you'll be worshipping the holy Heebies when you can finally have a decent sesh. Oh and don't forget all the fashion fixes. Forever 21, Pull and Bear, Zara, you can take my student loan any day.

Better than the smoking areas back home

Your en-suite bathroom

At last, you can sit on the toilet and scroll through Instagram without an inch of guilt.