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If your Uni of Liverpool halls were an I’m a Celebrity campmate

Sorry, nobody gets to be Ant and Dec

You've endured longer in your halls than the celebs have in the Australian camp (probs because there isn't a Heebies Down Under tbh), so what better way to celebrate it than find out which C-Lister represents your accommodation.

Where the toffs of uni live

Toff – Crown

Toff was queen of the jungle and clearly Crown really is royalty too when it comes to uni accommodation. It's as posh as can be with the en-suites and spacious beds. You may come across as a bit ditzy and annoying to some, but you're a sweetheart really, that's why everyone just seems to be drawn to you.

Jamie – Vine

You wanna be the top dog, with your even bigger beds and south campus location, but you just come second to Crown standards. You may be tough and macho on the exterior, but you'll never be the super cool guy you make yourself out to be and that hurts a little.

Vine isn't always divine

Iain – Melville

Unfairly treated by off-campus and Vine, I mean you don't really deserve so much flak. Yeah you might've been a bit cocky to start with, but you're just here for a good time, don't blame me for strawberry-gate please.

Jennie – Philharmonic

Nobody has anything bad to say about you, but do they have anything to say about you at all? You're just watching over from the end of campus, smiling and hoping everyone is having a good time.

Amir – Greenbank

You had no idea where Greenbank was when you were assigned there, so you defo didn't know what you were letting yourself in for, like Amir in the jungle. You wanna be like the boys in Carnatic, but you're just a bit too dopey to be on their level.

Never mess with someone from Carni

Dennis – Carnatic

We can't confirm if you're a very small man, but we do know you don't have a very small mouth, especially shown when you're chanting on the 699 as if you're at a football match. You were very much liked to start with, but your true side came out, and it ain't pretty, just like the meals you're served every day.

Stanley – Dover Court

A bit older than the rest, as you're second years and beyond, so some may wonder why you're even here, but your wise nature acts as your charm. Definitely an ex-Crown.

Kez – Tudor Close

Easily forgettable.

Great Newton hides away from the limelight

Vanessa – private halls

Yes, you are on campus, but you can't say you've made an impact on anybody's lives. You're just a bit out of it really, even if you're nice and inoffensive.

Rebekah – Grand Central

Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you're as grumpy as Becky when you're walking up Brownlow Hill every morning.

Shappi – living at home

The first celebrity to be eliminated, like how you're first off campus, quickly getting on the 80 back to your comfortable family home in Allerton.

Never forget you

Jack – Dale Hall

Like Dale Hall, everything just went up in flames. You didn't really hold much influence, like this abandoned accommodation in the first years' eyes (where's that?), but you still deserve a special mention in the Class of 2017.