Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor: Heat one

The boys are back in town

After a first round full of lovely ladies, here are the stunners you nominated for the men’s round…

Daniel Helm, first Year, Civil Engineering

This lady killer can charm the fish from the sea. A real prince charming, Dan is looking for love. He likes long walks on the beaches with a tinny in one hand and a lady’s hand in the other. Despite being one of lads, this clever clogs is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Pat Laing, third year, Radiotherapy and Oncology

You’ve never met a nicer guy than Pat. From his relentless charity work and academic determination to his cracking taste in Disney movies, he brings a softer, sexier light to the typical “rugby lad” (although he likes nothing better than a big bag of cans with the boys). An anonymous source had this to say on the matter: “Spending his days studying to save lives whilst either spending his nights roaming top floor level singing frozen or whispering sweet nothings in girls ears, in French of course (he speaks fluent in French obviously). This Rugby Lad tears up the book of stereotypes with his relentless quest to help others both on the streets and in the sheets.” Voulez vous coucher avec moi? Mais Oui…

Dafydd Rees, second year, Veterinary Science

It’s a well established fact amongst friends that Dafydd is “too peng to be single”. You’ll lose your heart in the valleys once you’ve been wined and dined by this Welsh specimen. His favourite thing to do on a weekend is normally going for a quiet drink (preferably Sex on the Beach) with the boys and watching the rugby, but inevitably ends up going on an unexpected night out, ending in Nabzys at 5am. Dafydd’s fun fact: “I once tripped over a daffodil and broke my arm.” We’re simply baahh-rmy Dafydd. Are you?

Vote for Dafydd <3

Oli Dunn, second year, Business management

If you’re on the hunt for a Classic Man, you’ve found your guy in Oli Dunn. Sharp suits, tall drinks, jet-setting business man. On a Friday, Oli can be found tapping his feet at a smokey bar, vodka coke in hand and smolder in his eyes. This regular James Bond’s fun fact is that against all the odds and all the critics who said he’d fly home early, he successfully managed to travel Thailand (and only book first class for the ferry once). There’s a new wolf on Wallstreet and he’s got the gals howling to the moon.

Vote for your favourite below! Who deserves to go through to the next round? Only you decide.