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Liverpool is one of the most-matched cities on dating apps in the UK

The Scousers are getting all the superlikes

We all want a winter bae to snuggle up with during the snow (or lack of it here) and force to watch Love Actually with you for the 68th time. Your attempts to find a Prince Charming now Harry is engaged to Meghan aren't to no avail, however, as according to Badoo, the world's largest dating app with its 360 million users, Liverpool falls within the top 10 for getting a match.

Ready for sunny dates when spring comes around

With a whopping 56 million matches on the app, Liverpool stands firmly above the competition, such as Nottingham and Sheffield. Having to stay longer in the city to reach your deadlines doesn't seem so bad after all.

The UK national average for singles is 34 per cent, so you may feel like the only mate that doesn't have a SO for cute trips round the docks, but this acts as a reassurance there's someone out there, meaning you can avoid any more awkward one-night stands after Juicy.

No more shameful pulling in The Raz, hurrah

London unsurprisingly comes in first place, with the capital amassing 225 million matches, followed by Manchester and Glasgow who take the silver and bronze medals.

So, don't be so quick deleting all your dating sites, your Mr or Mrs Right could be just at the other end of Smithdown.