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A dead rat has been spotted on the floor of The Raz

It was in the corner in the basement


On Monday night, at about 1am, a dead rat was allegedly sighted in The Raz nightclub.

Sam, a third year Outdoor Education student at LMJU caught the incident on camera and recorded a video.

Sam said that the incident "made my night, it was the funniest thing I've seen in a while".

When asked if the dead rat was moved Sam told The Tab "some bloke came over in the end, just picked it up by the tail and slung it in a cardboard box".

The Tab Liverpool has reached out to The Raz, who said;

"There is a rat problem throughout the city centre, our area is no exception. We do have pest control in place, incidents like this are very rare. The Raz doesn't serve food, so there's no obvious attraction for them here, we are though surrounded by restaurants and fast food outlets which provide a big one. Discarded half eaten kebabs and pitas left on the pavements provide another."