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Why living in halls in second year is better than finding a house

Shout outs to Dover Court, Tudor Close, and Melville Grove


When people say that they're still living in halls in their second year, it’s often met with surprised tones, and questions like "Did you not fancy living with anyone from last year?" or "Could you just not find a house?" After a while, these questions get really frustrating. Everyone has their own reasons for living in halls past first year, and no one should have to justify their choice to anyone else.

Whether you just needed somewhere with short-term rent, couldn't be bothered dealing with complicated housing contracts, or simply prefer living on your own, you know that staying in halls is obviously the better, and easier choice! The fact is, being a second year in halls is awesome. And here’s why.

Minimal Cleaning

No need for cleaning rotas when you live in halls. The cleaner comes in everyday to clean the communal areas. And, if you’re lucky, someone might even come and empty the bins for you. The only thing you have to clean is your own rooms. So, if your flatmate decides to skip out on the hoovering for a while, it’s only them that suffers.

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No arguing over splitting the bills

The amount of people who have the never ending argument over people not paying their share of the electricity bills. Friendships are put to the test, and many tears are shed over this monthly debate. But in halls, there is none of this. Utilities are always included in the rent, so keep those lights on and run that water as much as you like. You and your flatmates can live out your days in peace, without ever having to have this dreaded conversation.

You're so close to campus

No early morning alarms, no running for the bus and no buying overpriced tickets for that bus, which will probably arrive late anyway (that is, if they're not striking)! Simply roll out of bed ten minutes before a lecture and make it with plenty of time to spare.


Spent most of your student loan on a late night order from ASOS? Well, at least you don’t have to worry about when the parcel will be delivered. You see, if you live in a house you have to make sure that someone will be in to receive the parcel. And if no one is, it means that dreaded trip to the post office. Living in halls, this is no problem. The courier will simply leave the parcel at the 24 hour reception. Just rock up with your student card whenever you like, and your parcel will be right there waiting for you. No need to beg your flatmates to stay home for the day, or google where on earth the post office is!

Every room is "the good room"

You’ll never complain about having the worst room in the house – because there isn’t one! That one housemate claimed the best room before anyone else had the chance? Nope, not possible, every room is ‘the best room’. Sure, some may be closer to the kitchen/bathroom than others, some may have a better view, but ultimately everyone gets pretty much the same. Standard furniture, a good enough size, and all for the same rent. That sounds pretty good.

Basically, all the stuff that’s great about being a fresher, without actually being a fresher

You get to live in a secure, cosy community, exclusively for students 24/7. There’s always something happening – an event to go to, or a party next door. It’s all the fun of being a fresher, except you’re not actually a fresher. You (kind of) know what you’re doing now, you can balance your time better, and you’ve pretty much learnt what not to do when it comes to night out. Plus, everyone’s matured a little bit, which means they might actually do their washing up! Imagine that – Halls life without the mounting pile of dishes in the sink, it’s a dream come true.