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Liverpool’s Hangover Spots: A guide to the best cures in town

You CAN face the day… with a little help from us

You wake. Turning, parched, your brain is tasked with bringing all the possibilities of the night before to the faculty of memory…Oh, Faculty, did you really consume three of their finest Quad Vod's? A little excessive, thinks sobering you. You begin to ponder your life, and after a few painful hours of open-mouthed memory sieving, the festering becomes too much. The day cannot be postponed any longer. Your next move is a plot to soak up the alcohol and recover, and as the recovery position doesn't work for your type of ailment, you vault from your lair in search of some food.

The Nabzy's decaying at your bedside has lost its charm, seeming more like a secondary option than a banquet fit for the job. You finally acknowledge that getting dressed may actually be a top choice. Luckily for you, Liverpool hosts a wealth of breakfast options.


Moody jazz and service that squeaks, here you might be inclined to order a mountain of maple-syrup-soaked pancakes, a foolproof way of absorbing residue tequila. Expect to roll out of its doors feeling just as wretched as when you walked in. This place doesn't do small.

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Oro, Smithdown.

Cafe Oro

Teaming colourful breakfast options with a relaxed and spirited setting, Oro promises to leave you feeling more human. Its 'Med Breakfast', consisting of grilled halloumi, hummus, avocado, poached eggs, spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and mixed olives comes in at £6.95… an acceptable price to pay for a worthy health kick. Top this with a chai latte for a truly indulgent saturday morning pick-me-up. It's a start.

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The Font, 1 Arrad Street.

The Font

Quite possibly your best bet. For just £4.95 (for a Full English or Veggie Breakfast) students rejoice daily from within the walls of this highly sympathetic institution of recovery. If you're feeling it, you can spruce up your breakfast with a cocktail for just two or three golden nuggets. And best of all, no one will judge you. Think Jamaican Sunrise, push that hangover back for a few more hours.

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Tavern Co, Smithdown.

The Tavern Co, Smithdown Road

If you're still up from the night before then head straight to the Tavern for a half priced rehabilitation breakfast between 7am-9am… slink right into bed afterwards, one step ahead of the game. Otherwise, pay full price and experience thrice the number of humans flooding through its doors and an extra dose of headache. Regardless of when you make it to this place, the unlimited tea and coffee refills make it worth your time.

The Breakfast Underdog

A University of Liverpool Guild Breakfast. The likelihood is that you don't want to be anywhere near uni nor be reminded of the seminars you're missing before 12pm. However, if you can push past this mental barrier and into the chambers of education then you will be physically, emotionally and even spiritually rewarded.

If you really can't face the outside world, or the thumb-trawl through 'just-eat' to heal your woeful body, then pause, lay down, and simply rest.

I can't pretend that a Dominoes pizza isn't what you want though. Forget the cost, the carbs, the quality of lethargy that will inevitably follow… do not deny yourself the right to recovery.