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Why is the Concert Square Wetherspoons grossly underappreciated?

It’s a national treasure, guys


Wetherspoons – an iconic British chain that our country can't help but love. We glorify our hometown Spoons with its unique carpets and fancy toilets, but once you're in Liverpool that's bustling with bigger and seemingly better bars, The Lime Kiln is overlooked, and pretty unfairly so.

It's in prime position

Nestled comfortably between McCooley's and Walkabout, this Spoons ensures you're never more than a few minutes walk from your next destination. You can even peer from the smoking area to see how long the Level queue is, so you know whether to down your Dark Fruits or not. No more staggering past Primark after pres at The Welkin, you'll only have to endure a few cobbles in your painful heels.

It's cheap as fuck

Wetherspoons is notorious for its good prices, and the perfect location doesn't mean it's pinching all your pennies. With two cocktail pitchers for £12, you'll definitely be thinking woo woo when you don't have to pay an extortionate amount for a round in Juicy to ensure you're smashed for the night.

Don't forget the food

When you realise you didn't quite eat enough to line your stomach, or the temptation to scran some nachos anyway is too much, they serve food til a pretty reasonable time, and you can even nab an extra drink with many of the meals. They also serve pizza now #justsaying.

Image may contain: Meal, Food, Breakfast

It has (cheesy) music

There's a certain eeriness to many Spoons with its silence from the speakers, however with The Lime Kiln doubling up as a Lloyds, you'll get the tunes in to prep you for the night, and you can even join the drunken hen dos as they attempt to wiggle on the dance floor.

It's decent to visit in the day too

Would you ever dream of having a Modo cocktail in daylight hours? The Lime Kiln acts as a pleasant setting for a quick lunch or drink, whether you're unsure where to take your parents on their surprise visit or you need a quick break during a student finance funded shopping trip.

The selection is on point as well

Say au revoir to Ca Va and that baked bean shot you're clearly not enjoying, you know you're more at home with a simple pint of Carling. And if your friends range from Peroni to prosecco, the only question you should be asking is "Spoons?"