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Win Labour Manifesto signed by Jeremy Corbyn

A raffle ticket to win is only £1!

Feminist Society are holding a raffle with a Labour manifesto signed by Jeremy Corbyn and fellow Labour MP John McDonnell as one of the top prizes. For a chance to win, you can buy tickets on the Guild website here for only £1!

Other prizes include, £20 vouchers for Cow Vintage, Brew Dog, a tattoo voucher from the Painted Ladies and a piercing voucher from Bold Street piercings. Fem Soc's poster below details more.

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The raffle is part of Fem Soc's fundraising event next week, Exhibitchin'. A girl power club night at 24 Kitchen Street, fundraising for RASA Merseyside (Rape and Sexual Abuse centre).

So far the first three releases have sold out on Skiddle and first two on the Guild website. Fourth release tickets are £5.50.

Alice, Fem Soc's secretary said, "We're really grateful to local Labour councillor Rachael O'Byrne, and Labour MP Dan Carden for arranging to get the signed manifesto for us! Its great to have their support in fundraising for such an important charity as RASA."

Thomas, third year Maths says, "I really want to win the top raffle prize because Jezz is my favourite gay icon. I've bought 5 tickets to be sure."