Exclusive: Watch as a massive fight unfolded in Concert Square last night

Around 40 people were involved

Merseyside Police were called to a large-scale disturbance in Concert Square at around 11:20pm last night as a mass brawl broke out.

Four people were arrested for public order offences and one man was taken to hospital.

The Tab Liverpool has exclusively accessed a video of the fight taking place.

A witness who was there told The Tab exclusively “It was madness, I was in LEVEL night club and suddenly all the bouncers ran out, I followed them with my pals and about 40-50 Italians were having it off with them.”

Witnesses reported to the Echo that it was a “traumatising” incident. One woman feared she would be crushed by those involved. She said: “It was genuinely terrifying. Me and my friend got trapped in the middle of it while trying to get out of Concert Square.

“I actually lost her at one point and couldn’t find her in the crowd. People were throwing chairs and glasses and people were falling down the steps.

“It’s so lucky we weren’t crushed. I was in tears the whole way home.”

Hanover Street and Wood Street were cordoned off, as around 20 police vehicles, Matrix officers and police dogs responded to the major incident. There were reports that the incident involved around 30 to 40 people.

A member of staff from Concert Square said the incident was “traumatic to watch”.

She said: “I’ve been working here around a year and never seen anything like it in my life. We were all sent in to McCooleys to keep us safe but it was awful.

“Chairs were being thrown and people pushed all over the square and down the stairs. Bouncers from all the clubs ran to help and made sure we were all okay.”

It is not clear what caused the fight in the city centre yet, police have confirmed that one man is being treated in hospital for head injuries.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: “Merseyside Police can confirm officers were called to Liverpool city centre, (November 22, 2017) following reports of a disturbance involving members of the public and door staff.”Officers attended at just after 11.20pm in the Concert Square and Wood Street areas and have arrested four people for public order offences.

“One male was taken to hospital with a head injury.”