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We asked University of Liverpool Freshers about their biggest regrets during Freshers

Shagging your flatmate probably wasn’t a good idea

Getting kicked out of Heebies for having sex in the toilets

Starting this sinful list with a bang, a fresher had sex with a stranger in the mens toilets. A bouncer watched for a while before kicking them both out. You decide whether this is legendary or just plain stupid.

Shagging a course mate

This must be the most popular response to the question of what freshers regret. Although this may not be a mistake for everyone, the vast majority said sleeping with a course mate was followed by trying avoiding each other for the rest of the year, yet inevitably bumping into them on nights out or during group projects for uni. This combined with your course mates constantly taking the piss out of you can be a challenge, future freshers… beware!

Stay away from coursemates and flatmates!

Being banned from the Sydney Jones for the rest of the year

One adventurous girl was caught trying to gain entrance to the library in the early hours whilst drunk, leading to her almost getting kicked out of uni and a ban on the library for the rest of the year. But, first year doesn’t count, right? So it’s all good.

Not today Fresher, not today

Going into the wrong Carnatic block thinking it was hers

It’s always been a mystery as to how Carnatic residents get home when drunk as that place is a maze, so of course this anecdote isn't much of a surprise. One fresher got back from a night out and went into the wrong block, thus being very confused as to why the layout was suddenly different. The kitchen, toilets and rooms were all the other way round so she just laid outside what she thought was her room and slept there, it seemed like the best option. She was then woken up by someone who thought they'd had sex that night and was ashamed to let her sleep alone on the floor. She got up and went back to her room, technically not the walk of shame.

Getting too drunk on the first night

It’s great fun meeting new people and expanding your social groups, make all the friends you can! But when you meet people further into the semester and they remember you as that lad who passed out on the first night out, you may want to change uni's… fast. Being reminded of the cringey things you said that night makes the situation a million times worse, drunk texts anyone?

Saying no to nights out

Throughout our boring school education, Freshers’ is bigged up to be one of the greatest weeks of your life. However, this sadly requires money as well as the risk of Freshers flu. If you feel it's all getting a bit heavy, keep going! You'll regret it when freshers is over and you haven't made the most of it. Id you need to focus on yourself and surround yourself with people who will take care of you, the odd night in with your flatmates is also acceptable. Plus, staying in most nights helps your bank account so be optimistic about this stuff.

Freshers flu?

Having the “first year doesn’t count” mind-set

Despite the patronising, yet true, fact from stressed out third years that first year doesn't count towards the final mark, constantly having this idea in your head will do nothing but throw you down a spiral stairway. Plenty of freshers regret this one. One moment you’re socialising in your common area sipping away on horrifically milky tea to not offend your flatmate that made it for you, then the next day you realise you’ve got five deadlines within the next two weeks and every piece of work actually requires you to use your brain. Looking at the deadline list on Vital makes you question whether you even need a degree.