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Every piece of clothing you will witness on a night out in Liverpool

And where you might find them

Every night out has its perks and downfalls, especially when you and the squad decide to hit up Concert Square with no clue to your future whereabouts, meaning you prance around on your pre-drink buzz hitting up every bar in Liverpool until you find somewhere to call home for the night. In doing so, it is inevitable that you will witness some of the most interesting looks you will have ever seen, and tainted by the bottle of rose and 4 vodka shots you just necked, you will never be able to un-see.

One of the great things about a Liverpool night out, is being able to stroll into any club in your denim skirt and Vans, and stand at the bar next to a gal that looks like she is about to step onto a red carpet and no one even bats and eyelid. You’re not under-dressed, she’s not over-dressed, it is just a universally acknowledged and accepted versatility. So here is a general guide to every outfit you will see in Liverpool, and where you may find them.

Indie Docs and mini-skirt combo

Where: Lago's, Heebies

There is no denying that the majority of the students in Liverpool probaby own a pair of Docs; whether they have no intention of ever showcasing them, or they live in them more than their own house, Liverpool is addicted to Docs. They seem to go with pretty much any outfit, making it that tiny bit edgier, and tend to wander down Seel street more than anywhere so they can join their regular commune. Usually paired with a mini-skirt and 'nice top', you will DEFINITELY bump into a pair of these babies as you trapse round town.

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Sports Caps (only on a Wednesday)

Where: Mccooley's

No-one knows why they do it or why their friend does it, but for some reason we as a group of young, drunk individuals are obsessed with stealing hats on a night out. Whether that be a Raz cap on your spontaneous Monday night out, or a golf cap you found lying around after the swift departure of the sports social bar-crawl, it will ultimately end up on your head and you know it.

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Dresses over t-shirts

Where: The Raz

The only place in Liverpool that has you utterly confused as to what to wear, it's way to hot to not expose skin but nowhere near classy enough to stroll in wearing your best slip dress, so you gotta mix it up and negotiate an outfit that works for both. Dressing down a strappy dress with a t-shirt is the most simplistic way to ensure you don't get too warm but also remain looking effortless and super casual. You will definitely see this on every other girl if you take the unfortunate (definitely fortunate) turn to the beloved Blue Angel.

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Floaty patterned garments

Where: Brooklyn Mixer/ Lago's

Who doesn't love a floaty patterned shirt? Found once again down the edgier side of town, both patterned shirts and trousers are put on show, inviting all creative spirits to gaze in awe at how much more cool their outfit is than yours. (Sometimes paired with multi-coloured hair just to spice it up a little more!)

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Leopard print coats

Where: Matthew Street, The Cavern Club

Being in Liverpool there is no way we can ignore the genious history that has been created, leaving its mark on Matthew street and more particularly in the Cavern Club. Here you will find many people still living in the 60's, therefore will continually bump into your 21st Century Cilla Black wannabe sporting a fur coat and HUGE fake nails. What a time to be alive.

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