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Liverpool students have started a campaign to rename halls because of links to slavery sympathiser

There are calls for the name of Liverpool-born ex-PM William Gladstone to be removed

Four university students have made calls for William Gladstone to be removed from the name of Roscoe and Gladstone halls. The Change It post, which was published on the 31st October states: "William Gladstone was a former UK Prime Minister, his politics were funded by his father Sir John Gladstone’s wealth which was built on the back the Slave Trade.

"William Gladstone is known to have fought for reparations for slave traders like his father during the abolition of the trade, as well as not being in favour of the abolition."

Campaign founder Tinaye Mapako: "I've made up my mind about Gladstone. I think it's important that everyone debates history and sometimes that means confronting challenging and uncomfortable realities. When remembering Gladstone, people want to remember him as great statesmen. I will remember him as a defender of the slave trade and its financial interests; an impediment to abolitionism and a shill to slavers.

"We want people to get involved, even if they end up disagreeing to think about legacy of men like Gladstone and men like Roscoe. More upvotes would of course help the campaign, and we would love people to visit the International Slavery Museum and think about how this chapter in history has shaped the world and who we should remember and commemorate."

Guild president Sean Turner said that this issue would be discussed and a decision would be made in an upcoming meeting.

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The guild will make a decision in an upcoming meeting

In response to the campaign, a Liberal Democrat city councillor today called the campaign “tokenistic” and told the Echo that "[Gladtone's] government laid the basis of the welfare state, widened who could vote and did so many things we take for granted in this country."

More than 50 students have backed the campaign on the Liverpool Guild of Students’ website, with 13 "disliking the campaign". A link to the petition can be found here.