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The best make-up to cry in whilst on campus

Or a night out, nobody wants to be seen with panda eyes


When at uni, every time of year is a stressful time for most. If it's not exam season, it's coursework season, and if it's neither of them, it's let's-catch-up-on-the-last-six-weeks season. As a student you always have a reason to shed a tear or two, especially when your laptop crashes half way through that essay. With this in mind, a list has been devised of what make-up to wear when these trying times are thrust upon us, so read wisely and some of your prayers may be answered.

Max Factor – Masterpiece HD Waterproof Mascara

Not only does this fabulous piece of heaven provide you will gloriously voluminous, lengthy lashes, but is also a killer to remove. So whether you're crying about the guy in Baa Bar who never called back, or the impending 4000 word coursework assignment you have due in two days, your lashes will remain runway worthy throughout your times of desperate need. Priced in high street shops at £9.99 it is definitely worth the buy, so you can cry your heart out but still remain as radiant looking as ever! This can also be found in Smithdown ASDA, handy.

L'Oréal – Paris Double Extension Beaty Tubes Mascara

Having used this through my struggling, hormonal, pubescent teens I can vouch that this Mascara works miracles with regards to mid-term crisis'. Applying a layer of primer before hand, (being enabled to turn yourself into a snow queen with the white lashes sells it enough), extends the lashes to unreachable levels, and then finishing it with the final coat tops of the perfect falsified look. Not only does the mascara not run, but comes off in tubes when used with water, meaning no panda eyes or rubbing. Priced in highstreets shops at £11.99, so hold back one night out for the week and the mascara is all yours. Your Sydney Jones crush won't be able to stay away.

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Too Faced – Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

Night at the Raz getting messy? The final mascara to grace our presence is this fabulous Too Faced creation, with the ability to both put a sparkle in your eyes and stay there for you until removed, this mascara is already better than the last guy you dated. Drinks getting thrown on you in The Raz are no match for this product. Priced at around £19.00 in high street shops, though being more expensive that the previous ones, this mascara aint going nowhere when you need a shoulder to cry on.

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Kat Von D – Tattoo liner

Moving on from mascara, it is now the important talk began, eyeliner. As we all are well aware, getting the perfect wing requires focus, determination and a steady hand and is NOT worth losing when you are crying in Heebies toilets over someone who does not deserve your loss of liner. Priced at £16.00, this Tattoo Liner is not worth the miss, does what is says on the tin, litereally tattoo's you.

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Kylie Cosmetics – Mary Jo K Lip-kit

Red lip vibrancy is a vital contribution to topping off the perfect makeup, therefore the loss of colour on a night out is a definite no-go. Kylie here provided us with a solution to this problem with her fabulous lip kit. Not only does it have amazing coverage and plumping, but will not even budge if you tried, meaning if you really wanted, yes you could probably go for two nights on the run. This deserves a night at The Merchant, somewhere more sophisticated, not just good old LEVEL. Priced at $17 on the Kylie Cosmetics page, (£12.96) there is no way you should turn that one down.

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