Teenager stabbed in stomach during robbery last night on May Street

The victim was a 19 year old female

Police have confirmed a teenager was stabbed in the stomach following a robbery in Liverpool city centre last night.

At around 8:25pm a 19 year old woman was approached by an unknown male along May Street, at the junction with Brownlow Hill, who then snatched her purse. During the confrontation the woman received an injury to her abdomen which was consistent with having being stabbed.

She was taken to hospital where her condition is described today as being stable.

The male is believed to run off in the direction of Brownlow Hill, possibly along Pleasant Street towards Clarence Street.

An investigation is underway and CCTV and witness enquiries are ongoing in the local area.

The Echo has reported that Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has insisted that Liverpool City Centre is safe after another stabbing.

Mayor Anderson described the attack as “heinous” and “horrendous”, adding that the council will scour CCTV in the area to help catch the culprit.

The Echo reported that Mayor Anderson said: “It is a real concern that a young woman who was walking along on her own has been attacked by an individual carrying a knife.

“Whether this person is a thief or not, he is carrying a knife and this is something that we as a city and as a society have to clamp down on.

“If you are carrying a knife and then rob someone, there has to be some intention to use it.

“But our city is no different from others in the problems that it has – but that doesn’t mean we can be complacent.

“We will now help the police by scouring CCTV in the area and would urge any members of the public with any information about this man to come forward straight away because he needs to be apprehended as fast as possible.”

He added: “This was a heinous act, to attack a young, vulnerable woman who was on her own at night.”