Every misconception you make about Medicine students

No, we don’t only socialise with other medics

Medics are often described as the elite, special, superior to other students. As soon as you tell someone you're studying Medicine you're met with a look of uncertainty on how they are meant to react. We’re all guilty of stereotyping courses such as Philosophy students all being weed smoking wasters and Economics students being shallow and money obsessed. Medicine is no different, we aren't as bad as you think, I promise.

They are all pretentious

You imagine Medicine students as marching into hospitals thinking they are something out of Holby City, admit it. Primarily, medics aren't allowed into hospitals until third year and aren't exactly met with the exciting vibes Holby City promotes. We don't think we're better than you, we're just aware of the fact we have a lot more work to do. We love a good night out at The Raz permitting our deadlines allow it.

Medics are only friends with medics

Not a complete misconception. We are very cliquey, but this is due to the fact that our term times tend to be longer, we spend time on placement and the course is five years so you gotta have some friends. If you have zero medical friends you'll end up alone and depressed for the final two years of your degree whilst everyone else swans off into post-grad jobs. However, we don’t tend to limit our chums to only medics, we have the ability to converse with and even befriend other humans, studying a multitude of courses, honest!

Pls be my friend x

They can treat your illnesses

Making friends with medics would be brilliant because if I’m ever ill or injured, they can diagnose and treat me, saves on time and effort making GP appointments. Had similar thoughts? Well, sorry, but we can't. After first year you'd be lucky if a Medicine student can tell you about cell membranes or the structure of your bones. For some reason, this is considered more important than learning about illness and disease. The most we can diagnose you with is a bad hangover! Even when we’re introduced to these more relevant topics, it’s to discuss the rarest most unlikely disease you could be struck down with, because obviously we’re never going to encounter flu during our careers.

All medics ever do is study

Massive lie. Medics are mental. Ever seen the amount Medics drink in The Raz on a Monday night? We live by the motto work hard, play harder. We aren't all boring and love a good stress releasing night out. The future of our populations health is in the hands of these individuals, slightly worrying to be honest.

Medics all have doctors for parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents

It’s a family tradition and that’s why they do it? Incorrect. Many of us don't have a doctor anywhere to be seen in the family. Some of us do come from long lines of medical professionals, but if thats the only reason someone chooses to do the course chances are they won't do very well.

Medics can be pretentious, studious and arrogant creatures, but we get a lot of stick for something we're not. Attempt to befriend a medic this week, you may be surprised. Some of us are alright, maybe even fun.