Two female students have reported being sexually harassed outside Philharmonic Court

One of them has given us a first hand account


A University of Liverpool student, along with her friend visiting from home, has reported being sexually harassed and assaulted in the early hours of Saturday morning outside Philharmonic Court.

Ceara Thacker, 19, took to twitter to raise awareness about the incident encouraging people to retweet and make sure they are staying safe.

The student who reported the incident told The Tab: “My friend and I had just dropped another friend off at Philharmonic court and we were walking back to Crown Place. We walked just past Philharmonic and past this guy who was just stood in the road. He followed us for a bit, put his arms round us and groped my friend.

“I hit him and yelled but nobody was there. We ran and he followed us, shouting at us and fully flashing us. He called out to ‘come and see how big it is’, then turning back in the direction of Philharmonic court.”

Merseyside Police along with the University have been contacted.

Ceara reported that “There’s a protocol on the uni website which directed me to talk to my accommodation reception – they got the campus security staff over who took a formal report, and encouraged me to make use of the chaperone service. The security people were really supportive! I was then contacted this morning by the Police Liaison officer, and the University Student Support services.”

The University of Liverpool Campus Support team offer a 24/7 chaperone service in which they escort any student, staff or visitor around the campus to ensure they feel safe.

A University of Liverpool spokesperson said: “The University takes students’ safety and wellbeing very seriously and has a number of measures in place to support student safety. The Campus Support team patrols all areas of the main campus, including all Halls of Residences, Leahurst veterinary school and Ness Gardens. The team also offers a 24/7 chaperone service to escort any student, staff or visitor around the University campus to ensure that they feel safe.”

If you are working late or feel vulnerable and would like to request this service, please contact the control room on 0151 794 3252.