Everything they didn’t tell you about living off campus

Smithdown mate? Yeah, Smithdown

It's the start of your second year and you've been off for three months – you can hardly remember what uni is, let alone how to get to the life sciences building. However now you are faced with the prospect of having to wake up early to get the 699 bus instead of rolling out of your cosy double bed in Crown Place.

The 699

You've got a lecture in the Sherrington building at 9am, so catching the 699 would help you reach your destination in time with only a five minute walk from the stop. But what they didn't tell you is those five extra minutes in bed are a thing of the past and now you've gotta wake up at the crack of dawn to even be able to get the 699. Looks like you're gonna be walking from the 86 stop for the next two years.

The Brookhouse

Living on campus in first year seemed like a dream because you were only a 15 minute walk from your local Wetherspoon and spoilt for choice with fast food outlets on the walk back home. Well this year you've one-upped yourself and now you're only a five minute walk from the Brookie. With pub quiz Mondays and cheap drinks on Thursday it's a winner. Oh, and there's plenty of places to grab a popcorn chicken meal on the way home.

The Return of the House Party

When Concert Square suddenly feels over a million miles away but you still want to get a little wavey, you will see the triumphant return of the house party. A quick trip to the Asda and a couple of fairy lights later and you'll be sorted for the night

Are you on the Asda side or Tesco side?

The consumer landmarks of Smithdown Road, perfect for navigating your way round, and a lot cheaper than living on campus. You'll never have to do a food shop in town again. There's also an Aldi if you're on a real budget.

No cleaners?

By week two of living in Smithdown and you've not yet cleaned the communal bathroom, you will come to realise it's time someone did something about it. Halls was easy in comparison – someone to take out the bins and clean the sink but now you've got to nominate someone to be first person on the cleaning rota. Good luck!

New neighbours all over again

It's unlikely that you'll bump into them much but when you do it'll become clear that your neighbours are either third years who are stressed over dissertations or a lovely old couple whose house is their pride and joy – and they aren't happy that your more than lovely house mate threw up in their front garden after the Raz on Monday night.