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A guide on where to get your second year house in Liverpool

It’s not all about Smithdown you know

So you've known your flat mates for like six weeks and for some reason you've decided that it's time to start looking for a place for second year (are you sure?) But let's be honest, the only venture you've taken out of Carnatic has been on the 699 to town or uni – you have no idea what Langdale Road is and the Georgian Quarter is a myth to you

Well fear not freshers, we have got your backs.


The infamous Kenny is joked about for being NOTHING like its London counterpart, with a bigger risk of being stabbed or burgled than most areas – all part of the authentic uni experience though, right? However when your mates are scurrying through Smithdown to make lectures, you can roll out of bed knowing you’re only a short walk from campus, and boast rents that are bound to make those in town jealous. And when you just cba for another meal of pesto pasta, you also have a McDonalds on your doorstep, which will be appreciated until you’ve spent most your student loan on Big Macs.

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Smithdown is simply too big of beast to sum up in one neat paragraph and every different area is very different, this is important to know when searching for your second year palace.

SmithdownPenny Lane

The hidden gem at the end of Smithdown, it might be a trek to the treasured student haunts of Asda Sefton Park and the Brookie, as well as most house parties, however the start of Allerton provides treats such as Tavern Co, for your hungover brunch needs, a small retail park with another Asda and Home Bargains for when you’ve ran out of alcohol at pres yet again and a Wetherspoons (no explanation needed). The area itself also has a more quaint, homely feel, with the lowest crime rate in Liverpool, so you’ll defo be feeling smug when your friends get robbed. Plus, you have the option to use the 75, 76 and 80 to uni. Except during another bus strike.

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SmithdownThe Dales

From Avondale to Patterdale, the dales are part of the most well-populated student area in Liverpool, Smithdown. Leading directly off the bottom end of Smithdown, the dales are great for mad pres, and being close to Liverpool's favourite student pub, the Brookhouse.

You will be living seconds away from £1.25 pints on a Thursday, you're only a short walk from Tesco Express and you have easy access to the range of takeaways Smithdown Road offers. Moreover you will be surrounded by other students, so a mental pre drinks or house party is never far away. The only thing is, getting into uni is a bit of a chore, the walk takes a good 40 minutes so a bus pass is a worthwhile investment.

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Everyone's favourite pub

Smithdown – the "top end"

The top end of Smithdown encompasses a large stretch from Kenmare Road all the way up past the cemetery to Salisbury Road. Again this area is full of students so you'll never be far from some mates, but generally the pre drinks will be slightly more tame than those found on Langdale Road.

You're only a short walk away from a 24hour Asda, as well as the Aldi opposite it, ideal for carrying your heavy shopping home. On top of that you're still just a short drunken stagger away from the Brookie, and you have access to everything Smithdown Road has to offer. Finally, the walk to uni isn't impossible – it can be done in 25 minutes if you're in a rush.

The main disadvantage of the Smithdown Road area is living so far away from the city centre. Gone are the days of a short walk into town from your on-campus accommodation, your nights out now start with a trip on the 86.

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Open 24 hours for those midnight cravings

In town

Living in the city centre is a dream many students never accomplish. You're literally minutes away from Seel Street so those pres can last that little bit longer, and you aren't too far away for a trip to the docks when your parents or friends from home come to visit.

Most of the accommodation in town is really nice, so chances are you'll be living a life of luxury. Living in town means everything is easily accessible, be it going into uni for your 9am or a nice meal on Bold Street.

The obvious disadvantage is the cost, living in town is generally around £30-40 more expensive than the likes of Smithdown Road or Kensington. Other than the cost, the only other disadvantage is the trek up Brownlow Hill or Mount Pleasant is a pain if you have to do it on a daily basis.

The Georgian Quarter

Ah the Georgian Quarter, where only the very prestige of Liverpool students live. You're a short walk to campus and the cobbled streets and Georgian exteriors make for great additions to your Instagram. The only issues your rent will be inevitably higher than either Smithdown or Kenny and there are no supermarkets nearby so you will be spending all of your money in the nearby Co-Op, but what else is a student loan for other than overpriced cereal?

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