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A definitive guide to ensuring your winter wardrobe is hotter than you

Helping you find the best items of clothing to keep you all cosy in Liverpool this winter season


It's beginning to look a lot like… pissmas. Yes that's right, the Northern winter is upon us meaning shedloads more rain, hair-in-your-face winds and days getting dark before you get out of bed. But as always, every dull Liverpool cloud has its silver lining, and in this case it's the welcoming back of the winter wardrobe! Wooly jumpers, comfy leggins, fur coats, Ugg boots- you name it, and here is a guide to help you discover everything you can get your hands on in Liverpool to make this happen.

Woolly Jumpers

You can NOT say no to a good old woolly jumper, living in Britain a simple jumper has timeless qualities as it will never be an unnecessary item of clothing to own, however becomes vital when the Northern winds hits town.

Can be worn with anything, making them a really easy option to throw over whatever you're wearing for your 9am! (and you'll stay nice and toasty in the meantime)

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Never too fluffy…

The Classic Leapord-Print Coat

Now we're talking! This look has been statment for decades and will never not be the hottest thing you own (with regards to both temperature and style.)

Can be worn with almost anything, meaning you can strut right round Abercrombie Square for your mid week lecture in it, but also sport this fabulous garment in Heebies, keeping it classy with your 3 £1 VS'.

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Coming in all different shapes and sizes, boots are the perfect way to ensure you're maintaining your place well within the winter wardrobe spectrum, but also keeping those toes toasty. As we all know there's nothing worse than turning up to the SJ for avid library sesh to find the temperature is once again colder than the Raz queue in the rain.

Can be worn with a variety of styles, so whether you're a Doc's kinda person or an UGG's one, if the boot fits… wear it.

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Polo Necks/ High Necks

Nothing says elegant more than a sleek polo neck, while also providing a perfect little built in scarf with you top. Not only do you look prepared to walk a fashion show, but also are snug enough to brave the Grove Wing.

Can be worn with pretty much any outfit combination out there, so whether you're sporting a cute little dungaree set, or a pair of denim jeans, a turtle neck can give you that little warm hug you need to complete your look!

Snuggly Hats/ Scarves

The return of the winter hat is always an exciting invitation into the Christmas festivities. There is no better way to voice the fact you are ready for week 12 in December than to wear a bobble hat to every lecture, completed with a lovely thick scarf and a pair of comfy leggins; winter wardrobe complete.

Can be worn with anything you damn right wanna, because hats are cute and there's never a bad time to wear one.

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So get started on exploring a winter wardrobe, because why not begin celebrating the best season of the year as soon as possible and voicing that through your lovely collection of seasonal styles.