How to dress for a classic Monday night at The Raz

Basically, nothing that has the slightest value to you


When living in Liverpool, the art of mastering an outfit for a night out varies depending on what club night is on, meaning your style can shift significantly between the mainstream Levels Wednesday’s vibes and the edgier Heebie’s Thursdays.

However, when faced with a spontaneous Monday night at the Raz, the challenge of deciding on the most appropriate attire proves strangely difficult, so here is a simple list of do’s and don’ts when making an appearance at Liverpool’s well and truly loved ‘Blue Angel’.

Heels are a no

First and foremost, footwear. If you can imagine what it would be like to pour 10 litres of Tesco Value vodka on the floor of a club and let it dry as though it was part of the interior décor, you’re pretty much imagining the Raz. To be honest, those sexy new heels you bought with the last of your student loan do not come to mind as suitable attire.

When entering the Raz, the shoes you wear should be prepared to face an imminent and inevitable death. Whether they are the brand spankin’ new pair of Vans that you just need to show off, or the old pair of converse which have (literally) lost their sole, you should be prepared to wake up to a pair of shoes that wrench like they’ve been soaked overnight in Fat Frogs.

Don’t bring a jacket or a bag

The Raz is renowned for its numerous sticky bodies and walls that are as sweaty as you, and being stood in a queue waiting to hang up your coat in a cloakroom when you could be dancing yourself silly with your clever friends who went jacket-less is just depressing. If you just can’t hack it, counteract the cold with a t-shirt underneath your dress for that little bit of extra warmth. You could also look at these designer prom gowns, there are some long sleeves dresses. On top of this, do not to burden yourself with a big bag or a clutch, there’s no reason for it and will literally just be in your way all night. The best way to go about it is a small shoulder bag you can cross around your body which will not interfere with your spectacular dancing and will be merely big enough for your ID, a couple of quid and your phone. Plus, who wants to take up precious hand space when you could  be holding more than one drink?

What to do with your hair

One piece of advice I can wholly offer is, wear your hair up. From experience, there is no better way to increase body temperature than to have locks of thick, sweaty hair pulling you back. Braids, buns, ponytails, any way in which you can maintain an up-do throughout the night will be effective, and stop you from getting your hair mixed up with the girls next to you after three hours of clammy dancing.

In addition to keeping cool, there is also no dodging the flying beer and empty cups that soar through the air from various directions. Getting Raz Bomb in your hair when you’ve just spent three hours curling it is a pain no girl should have to suffer.

Don’t overdo the Raz cap

Try not to go too crazy when you purch the merch. Raz caps are a fab idea if you are trying to disguise a friend desperately trying to avoid the guy she got off with last Monday, or if your delicately done hair gets destroyed by sticky cider. But you must be trusted not to wear it anywhere else in Liverpool unless you want to be an icon of disappointment on campus. Raz caps are to be kept strictly within the walls of Blue Angel and not a last minute style for your Tuesday 9am.

So cliché it hurts

So there you have it, simple do’s and (certainly) don’ts when subjecting yourself to the messiest Monday night in Liverpool, and the worst Tuesday hangover in the world. As much as the Raz may sound like the somewhere to avoid, it really is the place to be if you are in need of letting out some of those Monday blues.