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Liverpool Puppy Parade 2017: Our Favourite Pups

Let these dogs heal your post-Halloween blues


Last Saturday saw dozens of dogs (and their humans) flock to the Bombed-Out Church in order to be crowned Scariest Dog in this year's Liverpool Howl-O-Ween Puppy Parade. As well as being quite possibly the cutest event in the city's calendar, the event also raised vital funds for Merseyside Dogs Home – what's not to love?

Every dog was of course excellent, but to heal your post-Halloween blues, we've compiled a list of our favourite puppers of the day just for you. You're welcome.

1. Luna the Fairy

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So, so tiny.

2. Pattie the Pumkin

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Here's Pattie celebrating five weeks since her adoption. Proud pupper!

3. The Mysterious Dino-Dog

This is a look.

4. Alice as Harry Pupper

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Alice didn't keep her costume on for long.

5. Nancy the Spider

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6. Bear the Pumpkin

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And the award for best named dog goes to…

7. Shane the Lion

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So majestic.

8. Bike Dog

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This dog is so extra.

9. Dapper Pupper

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Look at that little hat.

10. Lotto as Stormzy

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Oi good boy, shut up.

11. A Tired Ghostbuster

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This little one was pooped.

And finally…

12. Richmond the Hot Dog Dachshund

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