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University of Liverpool student does a John Moores lecture swap

Stepping onto enemy territory


My best friend, Jack, and I both do history, but I go to the University of Liverpool and he goes to Liverpool John Moores University. We both picked the topics we liked best from each other's lectures, then overslept and went to the later and easier options – we're only human.

Jack explained to me that his lecture was near Everyman and when I was more interested in whether the name implied it was a gay bar – I now realise it's a lecture theatre, rookie mistake – he met me at the Font. Before going into his lecture Jack went to a little tuck shop in the John Moores building and managed to get a sandwich and a drink for about £2 – he stated that they don't have a Guild or a Sphinx like us.

We rip the shit out of them, but they have discount cards for bars around Liverpool and free gym membership. I bought a cheap sandwhich and considered transferring uni's for a few minutes.

A week later I'm still thinking about the cheap sandwiches prices

As I walked into the John Moores lecture I was nervous the lecturer would notice and call me out, especially when I saw most of them walking round with their cards around their necks and the machine log in.

The lecture hall was a lot smaller with a lot more people in it. The majority of people had print outs which once again reminded me that we may be a Red Brick, but they are saving money all the time! Not only do they get handouts printed off, but they also get given free printing to a certain extent. Our uni must be using our £9250 for something more useful, maybe regulating the temperature in the Sydney Jones.

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An easy to spot difference in the lecture was the lack of laptops and Macbooks, the sound of excessively loud typing was gone and helped me feel more relaxed. There were a lot less laptops and not the usual group of macbook workers sat together, typing louder than needed we seem to have in every lecture.

As the lecture was two hours long it felt as though it dragged a lot more but the students get to watch video clips and they get an explanation of books and arguments. Our lecturers very much provide us with the basics and expect research to be done in our own time, then again… we do think we're the more intelligent ones?

When Jack the John Moores student came to my lecture we met outside the Sydney Jones. After getting masses of texts of "where are you!?" and "pls give me directions I'm lost" I found him. He seemed more uncomfortable being on the campus than I did in his lecture due to him being part of the American football team at John Moores.

I don't speak fluent JMU

The notes Jack gave me of the differences, similarities and what he liked from the lecture weren't extensive and seemed to have the word now scribbled all over the paper more times than actual ideas. Reflection of a typical LJMU student?

He did say the lecture was more in depth than his and got to the "nitty gritty" of the topics and facts. In the UoL lecture there were people "taking bare notes" and there were a lot more specific terms. "There was a lot more to look up and research at home" and there is "a lot more packed into a short space of time… a lot of mine are two hours long" and lecturers are always comparing. However, these differences could be because I am in second year and he is in first or that he's never really been that keen a note taker.

Are the rumours true, are LJMU students actually below us or we just a bit stuck up? You decide.