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UPDATE: LOST oversold tickets for last night’s Halloween event

Confirmation of why the event got shut down last night

After reporting on the shutting down of LOST last night, The Tab reached out to the venue itself for a comment on the issue. Camp and Furnace have confirmed that part of the reason the event got such down was due to LOST over selling tickets past the agreed limit. They gave the following statement:

"All external promoters such as Flex Events are quoted the legal capacity of the rooms in use within the building. All ticketing is handled by the promoters (LOST) themselves and NOT by the venue.

Unfortunately in this instance, LOST exceeded the legal capacity stated by Camp and Furnace and over sold their pre-agreed ticket allowance. Our staff were counting every customer into the building and within the queuing system so we had an accurate number of occupancy. When the combined capacity in the building and within the queuing system was reached, the queue was closed."

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Texts from the event

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LOST have so far declined the opportunity to provide further comment on this issue.