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All the worst Halloween outfits you saw in Concert Square last night

Outfits that represent the state of the world

That time of the year has come and gone again in the blink of an eye. When you spent way too much money to get into an overcrowded club in Concert Square, when every Smithdown living room is covered with decorations, that probably cost you too much, and when you spend your entire student lone trying to get that perfect costume.

From slutty bunnys to over the top clowns you will have seen everything in Concert Square, but here is a list of the categorically worst outfits:

Kylie Jenner

So, it’s pretty big news that Kylie Jenner is *probably* pregnant, and people seem to find this quite interesting. As someone who has never really seen what the big deal is about the Kardashians and co, I don’t really care that much. I can’t imagine raving in LOST wearing a huge, fake, pregnant belly – can you? I mean, it gets hot enough in clubs as it is! There’s also the slight possibility that you might knock someone out, and surely it can’t be good for your back! Isn’t going as a person who really exists a little weird anyway? Sorry reality fans, I think this is a no-go.

Classic outfits are always safest

The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood’s modern classic has had a recent resurgence in popularity, put down partly to it’s overwhelming relevance to the world today, and partly to the incredible TV series that recently aired. People are already predicting that the Handmaid’s costume will be a very popular choice this year. It’s all well and good showing your love for this story, or when it’s being used in feminist protests, but somehow dressing up as a women who has basically been stripped of all of her rights when you’re raving in Level seems a little insensitive.

Anything to do with Trump

Take a shot for every trump wig you saw last night and you'd have been drunk within the hour.

Historical Figures

So this one came about when I saw that someone made an ‘Anne Frank’ costume. Need I say more? Although a less popular option, creativity can go incredibly wrong when it comes to this one.

Anything that culturally appropriates

I’m talking about the ‘sexy indians’, the ‘Geishas’, and those ridiculous giant ‘Mexican hats’. It’s 2017 for god’s sake! I think most of us are pretty sick of seeing costumes like this by now, and to be honest, even if they weren’t offensive (which they are) they’re pretty unoriginal as well.