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BREAKING: Fire breaks out on Bold Street

Bold Street is cordoned-off as emergency services work at the scene


At approximately 1:30pm today, Elif, a Turkish BBQ restaurant, caught fire. Smoke was filtering out of Elif's windows and doors and sparks appeared to be falling from the ground floor's ceiling.

Shortly after the fire broke out, emergency services cordoned-off the street, from the Subway to Bakchich, but many onlookers stood behind the tape to watch as smoke could be seen and smelt along Bold Street and Concert Square.

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Members of the fire service put on breathing apparatus before entering the building

At the scene, Jimmy Hearity told The Tab Liverpool that he and his co-workers quickly evacuated their office building, as smoke filtered in from Elif, next-door. He believes that the smoke made its way into his workplace through shared vents between the buildings.

The fire came at a busy time for Bold Street as people ventured up the street on their lunch breaks and many more were visiting the Smithy's fancy dress store, presumably costume shopping in the run-up to Halloween. At the time of writing this article, Smithy's was blocked-off by the emergency services due to it being positioned opposite the fire.

Currently, there is a strong smell in the air that one onlooker claimed, "smells like burning plastic", but the emergency services at the scene are yet to confirm the cause of the fire.

It is believed that there are no casualties, but we will keep you updated on the incident as we learn more.