VOTE NOW: Heat 2 Liverpool BNOC of the year

It’s time to cast your votes


So the nominations have been sifted through and we have picked out most worthy BNOC's to go through to preliminary heat phase. Think carefully about who deserves the sacred title and cast your votes accordingly. The poll is at the bottom of this page.

Tom Milner, Fourth Year, Finance

AU president Tom Milner literally plays international rugby for Sweden and is massive Castleford Tigers fan. He's in his fifth year of uni and is refusing to leave Liverpool. Despite getting four teams promoted as Rugby president last year, he didn't actually win President of The Year (not that he's bitter). He also knows how to celebrate a win as demonstrated below.

Nic Cerulus, Fourth Year, Aerospace Engineering

Known as “the white knight”. Nic is a recognisable pHD student that everyone admires. His hamster is albino (like him) and actually ate the other hamster in the cage. He is literally allergic to the fucking sun, or is the sun actually allergic to Nic?