VOTE NOW: Heat 1 Liverpool BNOC of the year

Time to cast your votes


So the nominations have been sifted through and we have picked out most worthy BNOC's to go through to preliminary heat phase. Think carefully about who deserves the sacred title of and cast your votes accordingly. The poll is at the bottom of this page.

Tom Bywater, Third Year, Geology

Tennis captain Tom Bywater is known for his ridiculous height and incredible set of pins. A big advocate for veganism, Tom can be seen regularly pounding down Smithdown Road on his bike because he's too classy for Arriva.

Jess Moore, Third year, History

Jess' nomination inlcuded the simple tagline “everyone knows this sesh head”, she was once taken home in Asda trolley after not knowing her limits.

Hugo Clark, Second Year, Geology

Hugo has come a long way since his pre uni life at an all boys school. He has attained full BNOC status after spent an entire year with BNOC in his Facebook name and securing a job with Cool It! Liverpool. Known to the masses for consistently wearing fishnets to raves.