Freshers, here’s why you’ve made the right choice coming to Liverpool

We’re Manchester’s cooler, more attractive sister

When you flew the nest as a naive, well-fed, clean clothed 18 year old, nothing could prepare you for the reality shock you would soon encounter. Pot noodles for three meals in a row, your grades slipping away from you faster than that tinder date you went on, and you genuinely can’t remember the last time you did a load of laundry. Your first taste of freedom.

Uni can be tough, but the next time you’re doubting your life choices as your run across North campus for that 9am seminar, remember that not too long ago you made the best decision of your life; you chose Liverpool. Yes, most students across the UK pledge an unshakeable allegiance to their university, but deep down, they know that nothing compares to the University of Liverpool.

Everything’s Cheaper Up North

The price of student accommodation is remarkably cheaper up North, with a room in a house on Smithdown costing around £90 per week, and an equivalent counterpart in Bristol or Bath almost double. Saving dolla on your accommodation means you can spend more on pre-drinks in CaVa before Raz, which also happens to be cheaper in Liverpool. Would you find £1 shots in London? I doubt it. I’d say we could bet on it but after forking out for rent and food, chances are you’ve maxed out your overdraft by week 6 seeing as a pint costs on average £4.50 in London, versus £2.90 in Liverpool.

Liverpudlians are the friendliest, kindest people in England

Everywhere you go in Liverpool, from the SJ to Liverpool One, the public are incredibly kind and helpful. Even the man stumbling down Bold Street with a half empty lager at 10 am will stop and have a chat. In fact, it’s incredibly common to end up exchanging life stories, hopes and dreams for the future with your Uber driver, who ends up being cousins with that guy who always serves you in Tesco Express. Only a few months ago we reported on the kind stranger who bought a student her train ticket home, and such acts are encouraged and commonplace amongst Scousers.

Everything is SO close

Liverpool is a relatively small city, which means you can roll out of bed at 8.30, have a coffee and still make it to your 9am at a reasonably acceptable time. As much as we talk shit about the 699 it’s quite reliable as far as cheap public transport goes, and a trip from Smithdown to uni can take as little as ten minutes. If you really can’t bear the bus, it’s a short enough distance to cycle, or even walk. And when you forget your housemates birthday (as we all inevitably will at some point), you can nip to L1 and back within the hour and she’ll never know.

Additionally, small cities make the best nights out. With such an array of clubs all within close proximity to concert square, you know you'll have a great night and won't end up losing your mates 3 miles away.

Liverpool is beautiful

If you're looking for the most beautiful city to spend the best years of your life in, look no further. Where else could see world famous docks, beautiful parks, two cathedrals and a state of the art shopping centre all in an afternoon? Considering not too long ago the city was rundown and in desperate need of some love, Liverpool has come a long way. Has anyone mentioned we were the designated European City of Culture in 2008? It's something Liverpudlians and residing students alike are proud of, and you can see the impact it has had all over the city.

The list is truly endless, but where else on earth could you find such a vast array of cheap food, cheap booze, cheap housing and most importantly, wonderful people.